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Let's get this show on the road



Alright, I don't even know where to start! LOL Oh, Supernatural, you did it once again. Oh, Eric Kripke, you son of a bitch! *g* I couldn't even write properly while making notes!

+ Holy shit!!! What a start already!
+ "You wanna spend the rest of your life knowing Dean Winchester is on your ass? Cause I don't." - Nope, not a good thought at all. ;-)
+ "Do it. But when I come back, I'm gonna be pissed." OMG! That look!... Oh so sexy!
+ "Knockin' on Heaven's door"
+ Aaah! Little Sammy!!
+ 1996...
+ Traci!
+ CHAD!!! Dr. Badass is back!!
+ OMG! Mary!!
+ Dean: I'm dead. - Cas: Condolences. ...Oh Cas! LOL
+ They're really... dead?!
+ Sammy! LOL! "Playing footsie with brace face."
+ Oh Cas can get pissy, too. LOL "Geez, touchy."
+ Oh boys!! Seeing their mom again!! ♥ Aw, how fucking, fucking cute!
+ Ooh, the night Sam left for Stanford! ...Reminded me of a fic I wrote, once. I would've liked to see how that went back then.
+ Oh, Zachariah... Grr...
+ Buenas dias, bitches! AAH!!! *g*
+ And now, Ash is fluent in Enochian! haha "This comes from a guy who used to sleep on the pool table."
+ OMG!!! Traci got to kiss Jensen!!! *me wants* :(
+ God doesn't want to help!??!
+ Aw, Cas looks broken! :(
+ NO! He throws the necklace away!!! Oh boys!

+ Omg! Did they get all the vampires out now??
+ Pearl is already stronger than Damon!
+ O_O WTF???!!! Pearl gauges Damon's eyes with her fingers!! O_O
+ Does Jeremy know about Anna? I forgot.
+ I like the Stefan and Matt scenes. :) ...haha Boys and their toys!
+ OMG! Jeremy cuts himself and Anna loses it and he kinda forces/invites her to drink!!
+ Matt/Caroline ♥
+ Stefan and Damon get attacked!
Stefan: I remember them. They were in the tomb.
Damon: Yeah, about that...
Omg, Damon!
+ Oh, aw, Matty, all the crazy shit he has to deal with! :-\
+ WHAT!!! Jeremy!!! WHAT!!!??? O_O "I want you to turn me." WHAT!!!??? O_O

Also, Southland was great again!! It's no spoiler when I just say, aw, Sammy!!! :( Right? ;-)

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