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Seen at dolnmoon 

last cigarette: When I was maybe 12, 13. I wanted to try. ;)
last kiss: Almost four fucking years! ago!!! O_O FML
last good cry: I think last week
last library book checked out: I don't get books from the library
last movie seen: Capote
last book read: Charlaine Harris - From Dead To Worse
last cuss word uttered: Fuck
last beverage drank: Apple juice with water
last food consumed: Chicken sandwich
last phone call: This afternoon, a woman from our tax adviser's office
last tv show watched: Bones
last shoes worn: Crocs
last cd played: Three Days Grace "One-X", though it's been a while. Usually play music on iTunes these days
last item bought: Shampoo
last downloaded: Lost 6-11
last annoyance: People who get away with everything!
last disappointment: I'd say it was another letter of refusal from one of my applications, a few days ago.
last soda drank: Coke light
last thing handwritten: A note for my big bang fic
last word spoken: Hey, you [to my parents]
last sleep: Last night
last im: With deviltrap an hour ago
last weird encounter: Hm... don't know
last ice cream eaten: Hazel and vanilla, a few weeks ago
last amused: Today, when my father was being silly *g*
trippin on drugs?: Never
last time wanting to die: It's been a long time, but it happened before
last time in love: Never. *cries*
last time hugged: Last Saturday, when I met a friend in the supermarket
last time scolded: That hasn't happened in a long time. haha
last chair sat in: In the kitchen
last lipstick used: I think when I went to the cinema a few weeks ago. [The lipstick's color is called 'Frozen Rose' btw. ;)]
last shirt worn: My black RingCon t-shirt
last time dancing: I sometimes dance through my room, don't know when the last time was
last poster looked at: A Supernatural one, right in front of me right now ;)
last show attended: Last concert was Bobby Long in January 2010
last webpage visited: Twitter [if you don't count this right here right now ;)]

1 MINUTE AGO: Typing here
1 HOUR AGO: Reading my flist
1 DAY AGO: Reading
1 WEEK AGO: Probably reading/writing LJ, or something
1 YEAR AGO: I have no idea, though probably nothing special

current clothes: light blue night gown
current mood: ok-ish
current music: Does "Jericho" on tv count?
current taste: Salty
current hair: In a topknot
current annoyance: [see above] That people get away with everything
current smell: Nothing really, actually
current thing I should be doing: Hm... nothing special, I guess, it's almost midnight anyway
current desktop picture:
by heartheskies 
current refreshment: Still Coke light
current worry: Finances and that we might get robbed tonight [I'll post an entry in a minute, so you'll know what I'm talking about ;)]

1. What do you most like about your body?: My eyes
2. And least?: My physique
3. How many fillings do you have?: None
4. Do you think you're good looking?: No
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking?: Not really. It happens sometimes, though, but that might be questionable. ;)


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