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Tried to synchronize my phone today, with saving pics onto it and when someone calls me, a picture of this person appears, you know? And ringtones, which worked fine. But then it said that time ran out for the synchronizing and not all could be done. Well, not my fault when it takes too long. LOL Will work on it again some other day.

Weird dream again: I was on a trip with my old school class, in a creepy, dark house. First, I found a safe, opened it and found files about all of us. Someone was watching while we were reading and he wasn't happy seeing that. Then, someone felt sad, I think and I wanted to comfort him. - It was Glee's Darren Criss. Yay?! But no idea why he was in my dream. It felt like we were friends, so I wanted to hug him and tell him, anytime he needed someone to talk to, a friend, I'm there. I did then and he hugged me and said he had wanted to do that in a long time, but when I mentioned the friendly talk thing, he just said, "Or I talk to someone else." Like anyone but you. I felt hurt and woke up. o.O

Oscar night! No big surprises. But the show was much fun to watch. Anne Hathaway and James Franco were just great!

Finally, again the hosts are doing a great opening with themselves in the movies. They hadn't done that in a while I believe. And OMG! James in that ballet outfit!! LMAO! Great hosts! I loved them!

"I just saw Marky Mark" - James' grandma! *g*

Zach Levi, I see you!! *g* And SINGING! <333

Wasn't it a little unfair that Toy Story 3 was nominated for both best animated film and feature film??

I knew it! I knew it! When I saw Anne in the suit, I knew James would come in a dress! Omg!! haha

CHRISTIAN BALE! "Bloody hell!" :D He could've shaved, though. :P

I love the Inception score, so bummer it didn't win. But the one from The Social Network was great, too, so yay! :)

Natalie Portman! I knew it! ;)

Colin Firth, of course. Until the last second I was rooting for Jesse Eisenberg though. :P

Argh! Best movie The King's Speech. INCEPTION PEOPLE! INCEPTION!!!

Oh, also - commercial break horror! I counted 13 commercials!!! O_O Hell...!

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