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Oh, you shake it up, baby

Yes, it's after 1:30 am, I know, but I just finished watching my shows and *g* I'm in love with The Vampire Diaries once more! :-)

+ Ooh, the pizza guy is the new vampire in town - and Jeremy invited him in...
+ Damon to Stefan: "Don't you have school?" LOL
+ I repeat - Matt's HOT! Just sayin'... ;-)
+ Woah, that was creepy when this vampire was hanging on the ceiling
+ I like Damon and Stefan teaming up to protect Elena :-)
+ I'd dance with Damon *g*
+ Who's the bad vampire and what does he want?
+ Damon poses as Stefan's legal guardian - why does that make me LOL inside? *g*
+ OMG! Jeremy's girl is a vampire!! I didn't expect that!
+ *claps hands* Oh, Stefan shows Elena how it's done in the 50's. "Now, you remember that, 'cause it's never gonna happen again." I LOVE!!! BEST SCENE!!! :-D
+ Damon dancing LOL "You really can't take him anywhere, can you?" - "Uh, no." LOL
+ I knew Alaric was faking that Damon had an influence on him!
+ OMG! Was Alaric's Isabelle Elena's mother??
+ Aw, Matt and Caroline. Don't know if I like it yet, but cute
+ Ben's a vampire, too!!

+ That's so not Sam! LOL
+ I think I know that kid...
+ Poltergeist - back to the roots, boys
+ "Oh, you shake it up, baby" :-)
+ "Smart kid... Virgin... Frustrated virgin"
+ Why do they wanna kill Dean?... *sighs* Oh kids... *rolleyes*
+ "A dangerous warlock... named Gary." LOL
+ Omg! She tries to talk Gary into saying "yes" to Lucifer!
+ Oh, Gary and Dean doing the exorcism together, that's cool! "Adios, bitch." - "Uh, it's adinos." hehe

So, I didn't make many notes. Usually, that means I didn't like the episode so much. But maybe I was a bit prejudiced by my flist saying it was a bad episode. I don't think it was a really good one, but it made me laugh a couple of times, so I guess it wasn't all that bad.

+ What? Sylar could save Emma?!
+ Ah, Samuel gets more powerful the more special people he has around him. Ok, that explains all the recruiting
+ Gabe *g*
+ Sylar really wants Matt to block his powers mentally
+ Ooh, psycho-Sylar is coming through again!
+ Lydia dies and all her tattoos vanish, cool
+ Aw, Matt is so mean to Sylar, trapping his mind... and ok, woah, literally trapping him in a wall!! o.O
+ How did Peter know Sylar was with Matt?


Jan. 30th, 2010 02:46 am (UTC)
Really I liked the SPN episode not that bad it had its flaws, it isn't going to go down in history as one of those unforgettable episodes but cute all the same.
I know that kid too but what the hell from???? I'm going to IMDb him. LOL

I loved this line too: OH, yes I'll have The Sex with you.
and the,
Dean: Oh you shake it up baby.

Jan. 30th, 2010 03:05 pm (UTC)
"The sex" LOL Yeah, that was great! haha

Colton James! I googled him! ;-) I think I've first seen him on 7th Heaven... Isn't it weird, most of the cast (the three kids) isn't listed on IMDB. o.O

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