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Tick, tick, tick, tick, boom!!

Ok, I'm good, I'm coming down a bit. *g*

Good day, indeed. Went grocery shopping with my father before, which is mostly fun, us on the road... Beware. LOL And it's my parents' wedding anniversary today - 39 years! :-)

Later, I'm going to the cinema with a friend. We're gonna watch Wolfman. So, I'm getting out a bit, which is nice for a change. Haven't been out in a while. It's time. I need it.

Last night, I watched The Golden Compass, which was good. I liked the idea of the parallel world, where their souls lived outside their bodies, in shape of animals. Pretty cool!
I understand it's based on a book series, right? Is there a second movie already? I have the feeling I missed something.

+ What? What? What? Locke lands on the island, wearing the clothes he wore in the coffin - but now he's alive! o.O Huh?... ah, ok, it's after the plane crashed... but still...?
+ Next thing, he wakes up in Tunesia! - And there's Charles Whitmore! [3 years in the future]
+ WHAT??? They met for the first time when Charles was 17 - on the island!!!
+ Lockes goes to see Sayid
+ And Walt!... who has [future] dreams about Locke!
+ Hugo... who's really surprised! So would I be!
+ I knew I remembered that Aberden guy! But what? He's there to get people on the right path?!
+ Kate... doesn't wanna go back
+ Who's shooting at Locke?
+ Jack!... not real happy to see Locke
+ Why does Locke want to kill himself when he didn't succeed at bringing them back, or why does he think his death would make them go?? O_O
...and OMG! Right then, Ben steps in!!
+ Why do they keep telling John he's special and important? Why is he?? He can fulfill his destiny on the island...?!
+ Omg! What? What? What? Ben kills him!!!
+ Oh wow, Sawyer and the others are in a time when this statue was still there! I wonder what it shows in front...
+ And the next moment, they're in the right time? And wait for John to return...
3 years later...
+ LaFleur = Sawyer!! o.O - in Dharma uniform and all! Wtf?
+ Omg! That's why Jin wore that when he found Jack, Kate and Hurley!
+ Whenever they are? o.O
+ I thought they were in the right time [not the 3 years later time], but there are other people?!
+ They're in the 1970's!? So... Kate, Jack and Hurley also crashed in that time?!
+ James LaFleur, "Call me Jim" *g*
+ Omg! There's Charlotte as a kid and that's when Daniel tells her she should never come back later and that's how she remembered then!!
+ Richard again, of course
+ But Richard doesn't remember Sawyer... I thought he would, as he appears in different timelines, always looking the same, so he must be different, too? o.O
+ 2 weeks became 3 years... AND Juliet and Sawyer are together now!
+ Sawyer says 3 years are enough to get over someone - of course he thinks of Kate - and THEN Jin calls him and says he found Jack, Hurley - and Kate! ,-)


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Feb. 12th, 2010 06:29 pm (UTC)
39 years is impressive. *g*

Apparently The Golden Compass didn't do well enough in theatres to adapt the other books. Which leaves us movie watchers pretty much hanging, with that ending. ;D
Feb. 12th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
Ah, what a bummer! Yeah, it was really a cliffhanger. I would have liked to see more of the story.
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