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Be my valentine.

So, I went to see Wolfman, which wasn't bad, but not great either. Not really scary, but there were moments when we jumped in our seats. LOL But the werewolves looked still too human for my taste. I wanna see the real beast inside. ;-)

And I got home earlier than I expected. I heard the movie was longer than two hours but it already ended before 10 pm (starting at around 8:30 pm). So, I watched Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries now, of course. ;-) And now some The Fast and The Furious, which I haven't seen in a long time, but it's on tv right now, so what the heck. ;-) Plus, I realized I could use a dose of Matt Schulze again. hehe

+ Wtf? o.O I'm eating here people!
+ "When a dog doesn't eat, something's wrong." hehe
+ Oh hey, it's my favorite tune! :-)
+ "Be my valentine." *g* And aw, how he says it and that smirk! ♥
+ Holy cute when Cas appeared so fast in front of Dean and still on the phone, "I'm there now."
+ Cupid exists?! *gasp* So Cupid, where the hell are you? ;-)
+ Omg! Cas wants to eat!
+ And Dean is not hungry, omg! LOL
+ Cupid's "handshake" haha
+ "Give him hell, Cas." *g*
+ "You and Sam needed to be born." - I like that whole destiny thing!
+ Oh, Dean should stop punching angels. He should know by now. ;-)
+ Sam can smell demons?! o.O
+ "My hunger, it's a clue." - "For what?" *g*
+ Aaah! Famine! There we have it!
+ Cas/Jimmy so cute while eating! And when he smiled, Jimmy came through I thought. ♥
+ Omg! Sammy! Nooooo! AND using the powers!!!! O_O
+ "Hey, Happy Meal." LMAO
+ Aw, Cas so cute, playing with the silver paper
+ Oh, Cas, no, not you too!
+ "You're not hungry because inside you're already... dead." Oh my Dean! :( And what a silence! Also from my side! :(
+ *gasp* Sammy! Exorcising five demons at once!
+ Omg! Dean's look!
+ Aw, Sammy going cold turkey! :-\
+ Oh, Dean, baby! :( I wanna hold you! ... Omg! He's praying!!

Noooooo, evil hellatus, go away!!! Shoo, shooo! :(

+ Oh, Anna doesn't want Katherine out, but her mother!
+ Elena says there's something between her and Damon, an understanding... And Damon says he trusts her!
+ Tyler to Jeremy: "Do you even have any friends?" - Aw, how mean! :(
+ Damon brought blood for Katherine, how... thoughtful? o.O
+ So what, they're really getting the vampires out now?!?! O_O
+ Oh what? The seal keeps the vampires in the tomb! So Damon can't get out now!? o.O
+ Gilbert blood will revive them... oh but Elena isn't a Gilbert. ;-) ...But still it worked?? o.O
+ Katherine is not there?! I'm kinda sad for Damon. :(
+ Only Anna got what she wanted...
+ Aw! Elena hugging Damon. I wanna hold him, too.
+ Aah! Jeremy googles for vampires!
+ Omg! Katherine never was in the tomb! Anna saw her last in 1983! O_O Ok, wow!
+ Aw, Stefan just sits with Damon!
+ Ah no, Bonnie's grandma dies! :(
+ Oh what? One gets out!!


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Feb. 13th, 2010 05:00 pm (UTC)
Mmh, need to see if I can get free tickets for Wolfman, then I might watch it. *g*
Feb. 13th, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
Oh, you and your free tickets! *jealous* :P
Feb. 14th, 2010 04:24 am (UTC)
The final scene of SPN, OMG . . . :-/
Feb. 14th, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
VERY OMG! Poor Deanie baby! :(
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