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Lonely is the night

Shitty day is shitty? You bet. :-\

First, I didn't sleep like at all last night. Don't know why. I turned the tv off at around 11 pm, read a bit and went to bed at around 00:30 am, so really, really early (earlier than all the nights before!) and I was tired, I felt it and my eyes were heavy and I was so glad that I'd sleep through maybe, but... nope. It was after 2 am and I still glanced at the clock. *heavy sigh* So I lay there, looking around in the dark, then I started planning my next day, even what I might eat on Saturday when I'm going out for dinner (IF I'm even going out, but I'll get to that later), then I even started singing (goodness!) and a thousand things were floating in my head and I just couldn't stop thinking about them! I almost went nuts! Really! Every now and then, I drifted away but not for long. And when it was morning, I cursed the light coming through the shades and already swore to close it better tonight. Then the phone rang, too, and I was like "why can't I just sleep?". *sighs* Because at that time, it was maybe 9 am (yes, I can be that lazy LOL), then I was really tired and could've slept.

When I got up, I already saw that I had mail, a larger envelope, so I already knew that it must be an application that I had sent. I looked at it later, because I was already feeling miserable because of sleep deprivation, and when I saw where it came from, really, I cried a bit. I was just so disappointed. It came from that book/media store on which I had my hopes high to maybe get an interview at least, and I had already talked to them before and I felt real good about it, but nope... just the usual letter "we are sorry... but thank you..." bla bla bla...

I'm feeling so down today, it sucks! And I did nothing today, except feeling bad and reading. That was maybe the only good part of today, as I finished the second Sookie book. :)
So, in the books it really was Lafayette who got killed in the beginning, other than on the show. But I think it's good that they didn't kill him on the show, because I actually like the character. When reading it, it wasn't sooo bad, because he had barely appeared before.

The whole maenead (am I writing this correct? LOL) story was kinda unnecessary I thought. The main story was about Sookie's job for the Dallas vampires and the issue with the Fellowship of the Sun, which I liked a lot, but I thought they could've left the other thing out.

It's too bad that Godric aka Godfrey didn't have such a strong storyline. Well, I can only compare it to the tv show, because I've seen that already and on the show, I loved the character so much! And his relationship with Eric and all. They don't go more into it (at least in that book) but I think there were some sentences by Eric, where I thought, it's obvious that he knows Godfrey, but he also didn't tell more.

And Eric, oh Eric, how I love you! *g* On the show as well as in the books! And I don't know how Sookie can still resist him! In that one moment, when he had her pinned on the hood of his Corvette... I only thought, damn! I could've never resisted him in that moment, especially! I would've done him right there, even with people watching! :P *coughcough*

And something made me LOL! When Sookie called Fangtasia and got the answering machine: "Press 1 for our opening hours, 2 if you want to throw a party and 3 if you want to talk to a live person or a dead vampire. And if you want to insult us: We will find you!" LMAO!

I have "Club Dead" already on my night stand and can't wait to read more of the series! :)

So, about Saturday, a friend and I have planned to go out for dinner, but a few days ago, she already messaged me and asked it it was ok with Saturday or if we should reschedule to the 6th of March! And I thought, hell, no! The she said I should ask another friend, too, and when I did, this friend said she'd think about it. So, today, I texted her and asked again and she wrote back, "I can't, my nephew is coming". Uh... the boy is five and his family doesn't live far away, so it's not like she can only see him on this one day and then not anymore for a longer time. So, if you ask me, that's no real reason not to go out with us. :-\  And after getting her message, I felt even worse. I mean, I should've known. She's always like that. She says we're friends but when we (others and I) want to go out with her, she always declines. Always! For some months I didn't even bother calling her and asking when I wanted to go out. I was so surprised when she went to cinema with me last Friday, but it seems that was an exception. So now I'm back to "I won't bother" again.
And if my other friend cancels on me, as well, I'll just go out by myself.

Today's like a huge FML day again, but I'll stop whining now and watch a rerun of The Vampire Diaries. Hot Matt, wearing this black undershirt and cleaning cars! And ooh, Stefan cooking for Elena, how f* adorable! I want a guy like that! *g* And did I mention before that I have a thing for Jeremy, too? He's cute!
... haha I'm already feeling better with this to look forward to! :)


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Feb. 18th, 2010 01:15 pm (UTC)

I completely sympathize with the not enough sleep. It sucks to feel exhausted and yet not be able to rest.

Things will work themselves out on the job front...I once got a job at a place I wanted to work for by going there everyday and asking the manager if this was the day I started work..one day I walked in and she said here's the paperwork..fill it out you start Monday..I eventually became her assistant manager so perseverance does pay off in the long run..just hang in there.

Hope you enjoyed your Vampire Diaries re-watch and that it cheered you up a bit.

Feb. 18th, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks. *hugs back*

I know I should sleep and I want to sleep but I just can't! It's crazy!

What? You just asked even though you didn't apply there, or what? haha Cool! :D
Feb. 18th, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
nope..never applied there...just kept asking her when I started and would sometimes tell people I worked there if they asked me lol :D

Feb. 18th, 2010 10:11 pm (UTC)
haha I don't think I could ever do that, especially in Germany. Here, the first thing they ask for are papers, sometimes even before they know your name! LOL
Feb. 20th, 2010 02:12 am (UTC)
Ah honey. *hugs tight*

Not being able to sleep soooo sucks . . . I that'll get better soon. :-)
Feb. 20th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks. *hugs*

It's a little bit better now. Not perfect, but better.
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