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All good things come to an end

Finished Kings today. And now I'm sad. :( I don't want it to end like this! Aaah!! I WANT MOOOOORE!!!

1.07 - Brotherhood

Boys and their toys - and in combat gear... mhhm... ;-)

"Hold your fire, it's the Prince!" - Why do I find that so HOT?! ;-)

1.08 - The Sabbath Queen

Is the King sick?

Uh, flashbacks!

Aw, David and Michelle are so damn cute, being with each other during the blackout! ♥
And omg, Jack goes to his lover Joseph! Just like this woman said, "Be who you wanna be."

Joseph: Was it real?
Jack: You're the only real thing I ever touched. ♥

1.09 - Pilgrimage

Ah, no, Joseph made a video, talking about him and Jack. And David has been robbed and the camera with Michelle's pics are gone! Hm... so not good!

Omg! Silas mentions the butterflies that formed a crown on David. *eek*

Oh that sob... the Queen's brother had David robbed! And bugged!... huh... on the Queen's orders!!

Omg! Joseph killed himself!! I kinda thought that when he made the video in the beginning, but oh, Jack's face when he hears! :(

Oh, wow, Silas takes David to his other family!

Oh no!! The crazy nephew finds the camera!

Aw, Jack goes to Joseph's funeral! :( How sad. And aww, David confesses to his mother that he was in love with Joseph!!

David with the ax in THAT shirt and in THESE pants - good.lord.

OMG!! That bitch wants Jack to marry her!!! To hurt the Queen!

1.10 - Chapter One

Ooh, David on a mission, alone!

Omg! No way that Jack actually said yes to marrying that bitch Katrina!... Oh, they got rid of her later? o.O Aaaand there's a replacement already!

Omg! Silas wants to step down as King when Jack's getting married!

David retrieves the charter and once again - is the hero.

- The book of David - OMFG!

*gasp* He's arrested for treason! Argh, that's Silas who can't lose hm? :-\

1.11 - Javelin

I know, Jack [Major Benjamin *g*] doesn't like David much but does the King only want him down because of his relationship with Michelle?? O_O
Just unbelievable how they're coming up with fake witnesses and turning everything against him!

Michelle's pregnant! I knew it! :-) And her mother isn't angry, I'm surprised!

OMFG! Jack helps David in the end and says that everything was a setup by Silas!
Jack: You are no King!
Silas: And you are no Prince, you faggot! O_O
And then he just flips and declares David guilty anyway!

1.12 + 1.13 - The New King (Parts 1+2)

Who is that prisoner, who Silas keeps talking to??... Oh, I was right - he was the King before Silas came!

Silas aka sob - let's Jack kneel and kiss the ground he walk on!!! o.O

Omg! There's a shooting! The King's down! Jack wounded! And the guards save David?! O_O

Queen: Any moment, the King will walk through the door. *horns start* Ah, the King!

- Jack! And oh so HOT!!! But oh, the sob uncle! And he betrays Jack then! He wants the power, and war! What a crazy guy!

"Jack will die the moment Silas returns." O_O

"Oh William, bringing guns to a tank battle?" *shakes head* LOL I loved that!

Silas gets signs that David should be King!

Huh... there's the (dead) Reverand. o.O

What? Jack's punishment is to produce an heir! o.O

Michelle is sent into exile! And we see David running over the border of Gath!


And I finished the third Sookie book! :-)

Sooo, I really, really liked this one! Finally, the werewolves are coming and oh, I can only hope that Alcide returns in the other books because I think I fell a little for him. *g*

And Sookie and Eric got closer. I really like how he's portrayed in the books.

And oh, "Sookie, the sex kitten". haha But I mean, what the... in only a few months, she gets to kiss all the guys! Bill, Sam, Eric and now Alcide!!!

Like Eric, I alst enjoyed when Sookie staked Lorena. ;-) Although, in the book it's not mentioned if she's Bill maker (like on the show), or what they really had going on, besides that they knew each other and lived together before. But a little weird that Bill did fall so fast for her again and forgot about Sookie completely, or wanted to leave her.

What really made me LOL was the following:

After Bill finds out about what Sookie and Alcide did to the Were:

Bill: My Sookie hid a corpse?
Eric: I don't think you can be too sure about that possessive pronoun.
Bill: Where did you learn that term, Northman?
Eric: I took 'English as a Second Language' at a community college in the seventies.


So, yeah, I really liked this one and will probably start with the fourth book later! :-)


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Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)
HA! Just wait till you get to Quinn! It's not fair how Harris makes you fall in love with every guy she puts in front of Sookie
Feb. 23rd, 2010 03:51 pm (UTC)
I liked Alcide right away and then I thought, damn I seem to like Weres now. LOL But Eric... *g* Ok, before I drift away...

When does Quinn appear? Book 4, maybe? I'm reading this now. ;-)
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