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Blame Sayid!

It's all his fault!!! Oh Lost, kill me again!

Season is almost over already again. :( I don't know, yet, if I can stay away from download links, or if I can wait until we get season 6 over here. :P I already try to avoid spoilers, though it's hard.

So, first of all WTF??? For the first time EVER I heard what Sawyer had whispered to Kate when he jumped out of the helicopter!! Did we hear that before??? I have NO idea, because I really didn't hear it before! And yes, it shocks me a bit. Well, maybe not shock, but surprise. Yeah.

He said: "I have a daughter in Albuquerque." O_O
Clementine. And omg, sooo cute, his face, when Kate tells him about her! ♥ I love Sawyer!

Unbelievable, that they saved Ben, though yeah, it would change everything! And OMG!!! Kate and Sawyer bring the wounded Ben to the Others, so that they might save him. Richard says, Ben will be different if he stays with them. So, that's how he became one of the Others! That's how he became the man he is now - and all because of Sayid!!! O_O If he hadn't shot him... omg!

Charles Whitmore was on the island when young Ben came to the Others! And he also was one of them!?!? o.O

Ben wants to call the monster?! Huh...? o.O

Woah, Ben's afraid because John's alive again!

Oh, no Ben wanted to kill Penny! Noooo, not Penny! *gasp* he shot at Desmond! And oh, HE was the one who beat him up!!

The monster let Ben live and it says it knows he wants to kill John again! But it won't let him!


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