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Oh what a night

Whaat?? Smallville just started and I noticed that hottie Sam Witwer who plays Davis (see icon) is now a regular on the show, as he appears in the opening credits?! He didn't before, I think. I like. *g* ...But, eww, they have a new dubbing voice for Lana. I don't like. o.O If I have to watch it in German, I want at least the usual voice.

Sooo... big day for Jared and Gen today, right? My opinion: To me, it seems a bit rushed. I mean, first he's with Sandy for years, then they get engaged but split up soon after. And only a few months later, word gets out that he's with Genevieve and that they're going to get married - today! So, I think it's a bit fast. BUT I like Gen, I like Jared, and I hope that they'll be happy for a long, long time!! :-)

I had a quite interesting night last night. Maybe some of you remember, that last year, I talked about a guy I met on MySpace and he wanted to meet me, but it seemed a bit weird to me, so I didn't meet him. Though, every now and then we'd text each other. Like last night.

First, I'd been reading until after 2 am, because I wasn't really tired. But then I thought I should just try and get some sleep. The light was out for five minutes and my phone beeped. I thought, it could only be my friend K. (who's awake at this time sometimes and gets bored) or him. It was him and it was the usual first, how I was and how my day was etc. And then he wrote if I wanted to talk to him because that would be easier than texting. I wrote "ok" and then he called. We were on the phone for over an hour!

I was a little nervous first, or well, through the whole conversation, but I have to say it was nice talking to him. And then it was me who suggested to meet for real and he said that would be nice and I think now we'll soon have a date. Aah! :P I mean, sure it's gonna be weird to meet someone that I met on the internet, but if I don't go, I will never know whether he might really be a nice guy, or not. Right?

And I kinda promised to myself that this year, there would be a change. That I would go out more and finally meet some nice guys, because I so need some love in my life, or at least a little nice time. ;-)

Yay! Yay! Yay!! Goood news!!

I just read in a newsletter that David Anders will join the cast, maybe even as a regular, as Elena's and Jeremy's uncle Jonathan Gilbert.

Jonathan Gilbert already appeared in a flashback episode but then, he was played by another actor. Though, now, there'll be David, and as he reappears in the here and now, he's very undead. ;-)

Can't.wait. *g*

There's Nina! With this "scientist". ...Yeah, right, a cure...:-\

What is it with crazy Daisy always showing her legs? I don't wanna see that. :P

Oh, George... marrying your new girlfriend? No way!

And oh no, Annie seeks help from these insane people!

Omg! George starts to change in front of everybody in school, and then when he walks through town! Wow! He made it home, just in time. O_O

Woah, Mitchell and Daisy are killing all these people! Just like that! And now he's changed! o.O

Aw, George sees that there's no future with Sam and now he wants that "cure".

Oh, mad Mitchell's mad, especially when he finds out that Lucy's behind it. O_O

Peter: No.
Neal: That's your favorite word, isn't it? *g*

hehe They're also talking simultaneously. *g*


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Mar. 2nd, 2010 09:47 pm (UTC)
Being Human, ach, da tut das gucken fast weh . . . *schnieft*

Peter: No.
Neal: That's your favorite word, isn't it? *g*

Jahaa, das war klasse!
Mar. 3rd, 2010 05:12 pm (UTC)
Das Being Human finale muss ich immer noch gucken, fällt mir grad ein! Hui...

Ja, die sind doch einfach klasse, die zwei! *g*
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