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Lost - NOW!

Watching Lost right now, and I thought, before I start making notes by hand, I could write it here now.

+ Wow, flashbacks of Miles' childhood, when he first learned about his gift O_O
+ He's asking the dead guy what really happened to him! o.O
+ Hurley says he can talk to dead people, too, but I think he means because he's... nuts
+ WHAT??? That Dharma guy, who also made the videos, is Miles' father!?!?!?! O_O
+ 4 8 15 16 23 42 - O_O Oh, oh, oh!
+ Aw, Hurley is writing "The empire strikes back" LOL
+ Aw, Miles sees himself as a baby! Awwww!
+ Ooooh, there's Dan! I already wondered what happened to him!
+ Oh, Desmond in the hospital!
+ Oh yeah, I knew that this old lady is Dan's mother [no need for the drama music LOL]
+ She was wrong, they're not supposed to be in 1977!
+ Holy shit! Little Dan played the piano AND counted those clicks!
+ I like it that Julia keeps calling Sawyer James. ;-)
+ Ah ok, so Dan came to Dharma with Sawyer and the others but then he left
+ Ah no, Dan tells Dr. Chang that Miles is his son!
+ Dan with long hair, omg! LOL
+ Flashback - Dan gets a visit from Whitmore and he tells him he has to go to the island and then he'll be cured...? o.O
+ And his mother was one of the Others!?
+ Aw, Sawyer and Julia walking, holding hands! So cute! ♥
+ "It's time." - For what again?
+ Aw, little Charlotte! And aw, he tells her she has to leave if his plan doesn't go well
+ Mmhhh... I love a man playing the piano *g*
+ Omg! It's the night when one thing sets everything in motion! O_O
+ Awww, "I promised you Penny, I will never leave you again." ♥
+ Oh, it's the 100th episode, right?! Nope, the one next week. Just checked.
+ WHAT??? Dan is Whitmore's son!!!??? O_O
+ Nooooo!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!! SHE SHOOTS HER OWN SON!!!!!!! O_O OMFG!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!

HOLY SHIT!!!! O_O Season 5 finale next week!!! 3 episodes, woo!!!


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