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The Hair of the Dog

Well, I'm glad I could cheer my flist up with that Twilight video. I sure could use the fun, as well. I'm feeling a bit down today. Don't know why exactly, it started this afternoon. The usual blah feeling that I have sometimes when I feel lonely and alone and think that there's no one I can spend time with, you know. But I just took a bath, and unbelievable, but I'm feeling better, really more relaxed. And now I'll enjoy some Vin Diesel and Cole Hauser on Pitch Black. hehe Btw, Kyle Schmid was really nice to look at last night on The Pacifier. But omg, how young he must've been then! *g*

*sighs* And today, I finished the sixth Sookie book. Only two more and then I have none of these here anymore, but I already pre-ordered "Dead and Gone", which comes out here in April. *g*

Oh, damn you Charlaine Harris! I LOVE Quinn!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

The way he keeps calling Sookie "babe" and how she describes him! And of course the time they spend together! *g*
He'd begun taking off his clothes without a single hesitation, but once he noticed I was looking, he held still and let me look. Even in the dark, dripping rain, he was worth it.
"Do you like what you see?"
boy. You look better than a Happy Meal to a three-year-old."

*lesigh* I kinda wish for Sookie/Quinn icons already. LOL I really hope the series will get that far, so that he appears. :D

Sookie's list of oh-so-handsome men:
Bill Compton
Sam Merlotte
Eric Northman
Alcide Herveaux
Calvin Norris (he's kinda out of the picture now I guess)

Btw, Sookie calls him "John Quinn" once, but we don't know if that's really his first name. Can't wait to find out. hehe (I hope I do)

Sooo, story: Sookie goes to New Orleans because her cousin Hadley died - definitely now. This seemed odd to me first because we never really learn so much about it in the beginning. And odd that the Queen visited Sookie at her house, but this part of the story isn't told in the book, only shortly when Sookie remembers what happened. And I thought that it maybe should've been part of the book, or one before this one, because meeting the vampire Queen is kinda a big deal, isn't it? ;-)
And that Sookie had even been to New Orleans then - with Bill - when the vamp responsible was punished for Hadley's death.

We learn some things: To be a cook or bartender are the most dangerous jobs. LOL And Sookie should stop opening strange closets from now on. But I thought it was very creepy (even to read) when she saw the corpse's fingers twitch and then she said quietly, "He's rising." - Vampire/Were!! And then Sookie gets bitten even! I thought first, could she become a were now?

In the hospital, Sookie's still out of luck. Eric appears, then Bill and Bill tells her why he returned to Bon Temps in the first place. - The Queen wanted Sookie's ability for her use and sent Bill to get her, even seducing her, if he had to! Just wow! So when he walked into Merlotte's the first time, it wasn't by accident!
I'd been blindsided with the most painful knowledge: the first man to ever say he loved me had never loved me at all. :(

AND THEN, we learn that Sookie has fairy blood!! We already heard that Claudine's her fairy godmother and Sookie finally wants to know what that means. I already wondered why she never asked!
"After years of being... well, a good citizen, I guess you'd call it, I got a person to guard. The Sook, here. And she's really kept me busy."
But Claudine is not allowed to say more. Damn.
But kinda funny when Sookie thinks of Jason, that that's why he is so irresistible! And...
Wouldn't Eric be relieved? He would be so glad to know he didn't really love me! It was the fairy blood all along.
But that's also sad when she realizes that maybe no one really liked her, that it's always been the fairy blood that attracted the supes. And human men never were interested in her that much either. Aw, Sook. :(

Oh, what I need to include on a short note:
+ The Pelts really were still after Sookie! Couldn't believe it!
+ And then the fight at the Queen's party - Eric swinging the sword...! Oh yeah, I definitely want to see THAT on the show! hehe

So now, I'm looking forward to more Sookie/Quinn! *g*


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Mar. 5th, 2010 10:41 pm (UTC)
*snuggles* Glad you feel better again. :D
Mar. 5th, 2010 11:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's better already. :)
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