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Cleaned my book shelf today. Haven't done that in *cough*months so it was quite dusty. Rearranged the books a bit. I like doing that. It's my Zen. :P

Didn't get so much sleep again last night. Was online, then I watched a bit tv, finished "All together dead" (see below) and then I just lay awake - and all of a sudden it was 5 am! Oh boy... *sighs*

And before, I got a text message from my friend Manuela. She's one of a kind. In a weird way. Every time I ask her if she wants to do something, going out, she always says no, that she has other plans or isn't in the mood. Then, there was a time, where I didn't even bother and didn't ask her out for months! Then we went to the cinema a few weeks ago and I thought, maybe she changed and wants to go out more now. But haha, I was fooling myself. Only a week later, I asked if she wanted to join me for dinner and she said no (I wrote about this I think). Long story short, what I wanted to say is that I got a text message from her tonight - and she said that she's out with her sister!! But nooo, who would've thought about asking me if I wanted to join, god forbid! Or, I just know, if I had asked her to go out with me, she would've said no. I'm 100% sure! So yeah, here we are again - I won't ask her anymore!! :-\

Alright, something better now - All together dead! :)

Sooo, Sookie and Quinn, Quinn and Sookie, finally get it on! And the third guy in one year, not bad Sookie! ;)
Quinn's appetite was as outstanding as his equipment. He enjoyed dessert so much, he came back for seconds.

And every supe seems to know Quinn! At Jason's wedding (omg!) Calvin even says they're "honored" to have him there! And Sookie wonders if he got something to hide.
Later, she finds out that his secret is about his mother and about the first night he changed.
"He changed of course, the same night, soon as he found she was missing. He tracked them to the camp. His mom had turned back into a woman under the stress of the capture, and one of them was raping her." Jake took a deep breath. "Quinn killed them all."

He asked vamps to help him for the clean-up and then he was in their dept for three years - pit fighting! And he survived of course.
Finally we learn more about him.

What I also liked in the book is when Pam tells Sookie how Eric turned her.

And this whole vampire summit is actually just like a convention?! LOL Alright, that was a little... I don't know odd. And then there's a wedding and omg - Eric acts as priest! He's an online priest! LMAO!! I didn't like that all too much. I thought it was kinda... over the top? I don't know. It just seemed it didn't really fit into the vampire world. Online priests and conventions... LOL

But in between, there were these little bits that I liked very much. For example when Quinn was referred to as "Mr. Stripes". *g* And one moment that was a bit odd, too, but at the same time nice was when Andre forced Sookie to drink his blood so they'd have a connection, but Eric shows up, though he doesn't seem to help, first.
Where was John Wayne when you needed him? Or Bruce Willis? Or even Matt Damon? I would be glad to see Jason Bourne right now. *g*

And when she had Eric's blood - again! - she can hear vampire thoughts!! I thought that was kinda cool. And of course her connection with Eric again, the shared feelings and all. I love this. ;)

So, all in all, I liked this book, too, though I think it wasn't as good as the first four of the series.

And now I rush to the Generation Kill rewatch...


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Mar. 13th, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
Whenever I hear the name Manuela or Manuel or Emanuel or Emanuela I immediately think of that incredibly embarrasing fettes brot song. *shrugs*. I'm weird like that.
Mar. 13th, 2010 11:06 pm (UTC)

No, you're not. I do, too, sometimes. LOL
Mar. 14th, 2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
Ooh, book shelf. I've been neglecting mine lately. ;D
Mar. 14th, 2010 03:58 pm (UTC)
You shouldn't! :D
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