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Chin up, this is gonna work out

Sooo, I'm in writing mood it seems. Don't be afraid flist, that's not every day. ;-)

I caught up with Lost today. There's just no friggin' way that I could wait until season 6 comes to tv here!!! NO.WAY. So yeah, watched the seven episodes that already aired, yesterday and today. And omg, I'm so glad that I watched!! Here are a "few" notes. ;-)

Season 5 ended with a BANG! and here it goes, in short form.

6.01+02 - LA X

+ Back in the plane - no crash! But Jack looks so weird
+ Omg! There's Desmond!! How? Actually, he was on the island already, wasn't he?
+ Ok... why is the island under water? o.O
+ Huh? And now they're back?! o.O
+ *gasp* Ian!!!! ♥
+ OMG! Hurley and Sawyer... how they all look like before!
+ OMG! Is Juliet still alive?? Aw, I love that Sawyer's in love with her! I never liked her sooo much but this is just so adorable! ♥
+ LOL Hurley and the gun and he doesn't know how to unlock it
+ Oh... Jacob! "Hugo... got a minute?"
+ Ah, Ian! *sighs*
+ OMG! CHARLIE!!! Aaah! I feel the season 1 love! *g*
+ Oh fuck, the smoke monster again! ..."A ring of salt will protect you", something like this? ;)
+ HOLY SHIT!!! Smoke = Locke!
+ Aww... "James, I have to tell you something. It's really, really important." ...and then she dies! :(
+ Oh, beware Jack, pissed off Sawyer!
+ Omg! Yeah, right, Miles could know what Juliet wanted to say! ..."It worked." What did?
+ Guitar case - anch - note which says if Sayid dies they're all in a lot of trouble! O_O Huh...?
+ Healing water? ...Sayid dies anyway though
+ "He took four of them out before they hit him with a damn rock." - That's my Sawyer! *g*
+ So, Locke's the monster and Jacob kinda protected the island from it?? O_O And now he's dead...
+ Huh...? The monster wants to go... home? o.O
+ WHAT??!! O_O Sayid wakes up!!!

That other situation is like a "What if...?" situation...

6.03 - What Kate does

+ Nobody calls him Sawyer anymore. Just James like Juliet did
+ What is he doing with Sayid? o.O ...Test to assure he's not the monster? What?
+ This guy from the other Others (LOL) was a guard when... aah, when Kate and Sawyer were being held by the Others??!
+ My god, don't be so cryptic, jeez!
+ An infection?
+ Awwwwww!!! Sawyer James crying! :( "I was gonna ask her to marry me." :( "Maybe some of us are meant to be alone." :(
+ What?! That pill is poison!
+ Sayid was "claimed" and they think he'll... fade away? And it happened to Claire, too! Huh...?

6.04 - The substitute

+ mmmhhh half-naked James mmmhhhh
+ James: Thought you were dead. - Locke: I am.
+ James sees right through Locke, that he's not really Locke... He knows answers like why they are all there?! Good question indeed.
+ Locke is recruiting...
+ I love Hugo - "Chin up, this is gonna work out." :-)
+ That kid?? "You know the rules. You can't kill him." ???
+ I love how they all meet here and there...
+ I ♥ James for saying his fav. book is Steinbeck's "Of mice and men"
+ Ah, jumping off a cliff... come on Josh, that's right out of the Davidoff commercial ;-) ... oh a ladder... not a very good one o.O *gulp*
+ WHAT? They names are on the cave walls! That's why they're there?! O_O Huh????? Jacob wrote this!
23 - Shephard
8 - Reyes
16 - Jarrah
42 - Kwon
4 - Locke
15 - Ford

"Jacob had a thing for numbers." HOLY SHIT!!! THESE ARE THE NUMBERS!!!!! I guess Hugo's next on the "list"!!!!
No Kate though, although he visited her as well...
+ Candidates - for taking over Jacob's "job" of protecting the island O_O
+ Is fake!Locke just trying to get them all out of the way?!

6.05 - Lighthouse

+ Mmhhh... Jack with open shirt - not such a real bad thing ;-)
+ Dad? o.O Ok...
+ I knew it! Hugo is next, John died (who was first), so he's next and that's why he can see Jacob!
+ Oh Hurley... "I just lied to a Samurai!"
+ Ok, Claire... a little nuts - animal bones in a crib o.O
+ That's also still a mystery - why was Jack's (dead!) father not in the coffin?
+ A friggin' lighthouse!
+ Woah, there's something in the mirror and the names again!
+ Someone's coming to the temple, someone bad... it's already too late...
+ "This is not John. This is my friend." Huh...???

6.06 - Sundown

+ This guy's very fond of his baseball huh?
+ Hm... so they either join Locke or die?!
+ Oh, Kate, you shouldn't have told Claire that you took Aaron, now psycho Claire will be after you
+ Jacob brough them all to the island!
+ Now, Sayid attacks and kills the Japanese guy!! o.O
+ He was keeping "it" out and now Sayid let it in... he already changed to the bad... :-\
+ Creepy, playing that child songs while walking among the dead! o.O Great scene though!
+ Ah no, Kate's gonna be with them now!
+ And what did Locke do with James, btw??

6.07 - Dr. Linus

+ In "What if...?" world Ben's a teacher and there's Alex! But just as a student of his
+ Elana's there to protect the candidates
+ She makes Ben dig his own grave! o.O
+ Jacob made Richard... immortal?
+ Richard wants/needs to die!
+ Ah, omg! Richard came with that old ship! The one now in the jungle! Fake!Locke mentioned "Nice to see you out of your chains" - and there are the chains!!
And he can't die! He can't kill himself, another has to do it!
+ Jack lights the dynamite and then - "Now, let's talk." O_O
+ Locke wants Ben on his side? But then he stays and Richard, Jack and Hurley join thm
+ A submarine comes - Whitmore!!

Sidenote: Damn, that white coconut chocolate is yummy!! Can't stop!!


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