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The music gets me going

Well, I wanted to spend the day writing like crazy but so far the muse wouldn't really strike... Only got around 240 more words, since I started this morning. *sighs* I'll keep the file open, maybe something hits me later.

My allergy and neurodermatitis are killing me already, and it's not even summer! It's warmer and there's the sun and all of a sudden, my skin starts itching and I feel like I have a cold, damn nose! When I woke up this morning (9 am! Go me!) I thought I had a sore throat, but it was just really dry and ached when I swallowed. Was better when I had something to drink. But damn... What a morning!

But I have to say, I finally slept really good. Went to bed at around 00:30 am and woke up at exactly 7 am, slept a bit longer and got up at 9 - and I felt extremely good about it! :)

When Walter said, "The grave of a boy who's not in it", I immediately thought of Peter! Walter once stood at his grave but obviously he's there. ;-)

And I thought it was creepy when they opened the baby's coffin and it was empty, or when they saw something crawled out of it. o.O

Until then, I thought the episode was good but then they find out this guy genetically changed the baby inside the womb - with scorpion DNA!? Ok, too weird.

But I like those typewriter scenes, pretty cool. For those, here, we have subtitles and first I was reading them but then I realized it's much easier for me to just read the English text. LOL Yeah, I'm weird sometimes. Even think my mother language is more complicated than English, sometimes. haha

Yesterday was the day - March 15, 2010 - when Noh was supposed to die!! ;) I'd like to know how they handled this date in the US, I mean, yesterday, on this date? I don't even know if the show's still on, or if it's on hiatus, or whatever. But then, I also don't wanna spoil myself.

And what was the most surprising moment - the end - Dominic Monaghan!!! And he's responsible for the blackout!? How? O_O

I also rewatched Supernatural's "Bad Day at Black Rock" which was on German tv last night. But omg! *rolleyes* The dubbing! It's killing me! And then, I noticed, for at least once, they didn't translate Bobby's "idjit"!! *gasp* How can this be?! *shakes head at German tv*


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Mar. 18th, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
Again, keep going, Fringe is gonna get better again. ;-)

FlashForward is on hiatus as far as I know. And I don't think I'm spoiling you if I say I'm curious about that as well. *bites nails*
Mar. 18th, 2010 10:26 am (UTC)
I'm watching, yeah, but sometimes it's just really, really weird. LOL

It's really a cool show!
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