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What the hell, take me now, you big Viking.

Sooo, Generation Kill rewatch starts in about 20 minutes (yay!), so I'll just try and write my thoughts down for the eighth Sookie book, which I (sadly) finished last night.

BLDSKR - Eric's licence plate. *g* Love it!

Alright, so where does it start...? Amelia's father visits in the beginning and mentions he knows Hadley's ex-husband. I have to say, my first thought was that it's Quinn. Because that would've been a shocker, right? But ok, it was some other guy who has a son with Hadley thought and Sookie finds out - he's telepathic, too!!! That's gonna be interesting in the future.

Mmmhh... and how much did I like that Sookie and Eric were spending some time again with each other, just business of course... oh well, maybe not all business. ;) And Sookie's "What the hell, take me now, you big Viking" was priceless!! *g* Because HELL YES!

ALCIDE!!!! Oooooh, I'm so, so happy that he was back!!! I love him! *g* I really liked this werewolf story again, though it was a bit too short for my taste. And Sookie also gets from his head that he still has feelings for her! I would've liked if Charlaine Harris had played more with that.
I really thought that Furnan was after the attacks and I didn't see it coming that it really was some outsider!
When Claudine rescues Sookie, I thought it was funny when Sookie finds out her great-grandfather is Claudine's grandfather (a prince btw!).
Sookie: So what do you call him? Granddaddy? Popsy?
Claudine: I call him 'my lord'.
Sookie: Oh.

haha Really good!

And I have to say, even though it was just a sentence in a book and not visually on screen, only in my head, I thought it was totally hot when Alcide announced, "I am the leader of this pack!" Huuu... *g*

I seem to grow tired of Bill. :-\ When he appeared in Sookie's room (btw, didn't she uninvite him??) I just thought, "What's he doing there?". Totally unnecessary. :-\

Then vampires appear and want to take over Louisiana and they really do, but then Sookie realizes, she was - again - close to death.
And do you know what I find fascinating and extremely odd at the same time? Sookie, the more dangerous times are, let it be werewolf and witch wars, a new king taking over Louisiana, or looking death right in the eyes?... She always brushes her teeth or thinks about it, or when she and Quinn just survived attacks from the Pelts - the only thing she cared about were to put their clothes in a drier! o.O I would have other things on my mind. Really.

Sookie breaks up with Quinn. *sighs* :(

"I was sick to death of the issue with Debbie Pelt." - I agree. Enough is enough. And thank god it seems they finally ended this.

And now the best for last - ERIC REMEMBERS EVERYTHING!!! *g* Yay!! It makes Sookie uncomfortable, but hello girl, horny hot vampire in your room - nothing else matters, if you ask me!! :P

So, in conclusion, I liked this book, as well, but I have to say, I still like the ones from the beginning (1-4) the most because it focused on only one major thing in the story. And now there are like 3-4 things happening at the same time and sometimes, at page 200, I don't even remember what happened in the beginning, because so much happened in between. Like vampire issues, then there are the Hotshot people with their rules, then Sookie's own problems, and now she has two more room mates. There's just a lot.

But I'm already looking forward to the next book. :)


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Mar. 20th, 2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
I'm going to have to reread the whole series again, just for the reasons that there is so much always going on!

I'm pretty sure that I told you that you'd get over the Bill/Sookie thing!;-)*g*

I think I'm pretty good on the Quinn/Sookie, with Eric/Sookie following oh so closely behind!
Mar. 20th, 2010 11:18 pm (UTC)
Right? Always so much happening!

Yeah... Bill/Sookie is so yesterday. :P I still like Bill, but he's not so important to me anymore.

Mmhh... yes, Eric/Sookie FTW! *g*
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