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I'm going down with a devil's thunder

Yeah, I'm going down - right into fan fiction abyss. I never thought that I would get back into it so much than I am lately. I write much and I'm so surprised that my to-do-list is filled with fics! Whether it's Generation Kill or Supernatural, I read so much lately - and I LOVE it!! *g*

And today, I can really say Go me! \o/ because last night I had a bit of a writing flash and broke the 10k in my big bang fic!! Wohoo! Only 5,000 more and I have the minimum. That looks way better than the other way around. haha And I think I might know how to end it, which I didn't for a long time. There's not much action in it, yet, but I like it anyway. :)

Omg, now time to laugh! My dream last night! I think I even woke up laughing, I don't know. LOL I dreamed of real!Nate Fick and real!Brad Colbert and we all were writing slash! And real!Brad was running the comm on LJ. LMAO!!! I blame this post on generation_kill. It obviously made me think. LOL

(For those who can't access the link, because it's locked, someone was asking what to do with our fics when/if Nate Fick runs for office. If we better hide it or whatever, because of all the slash fics. LOL)

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