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From dolnmoon 

Pick five of your favorite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!

1. True Blood
2. Generation Kill
3. Supernatural
4. The Vampire Diaries
5. Merlin

01. Who's your favorite character in 2?
Sgt. Brad Colbert! Duh! *g*

02. Who's your least favorite character in 1?

03. What's your favorite episode of 4?
"The Turning Point (ep. 10), because of the great Stefan/Elena moments! ♥

04. What's your favorite season of 5?
Season 2, I think.

05. Who is your favorite ship in 3?
Dean/Castiel (though not in a slashy kind of way, just their scenes, they're great!!)

06. Who is your anti-ship in 2?
haha Oh good question! LOL Maybe... Godfather/Nate, in the meaning of that I just dislike Godfather (most of the time) and he's always so cruel to Nate-honey which gives him puppy dog sad eyes and then he gets mean to his men, as well. :-\

07. How long have you watched 1?
Only started last year. I don't know when the show actually started. Two years ago? I watched episode 1, loved it, but then I didn't continue for quite some time until I caught up on season 1 and 2 within two weeks, I think. :D

08. How did you become interested in 3?
I think it was after season 1 ended and it just came out on dvd when I heard of it. And I knew Jensen and Jared before, so I thought I could check it out. Then I saw one little clip of "Bugs" (the ep. everybody seems to hate LOL) and this made me buy season 1 without having seen one whole episode - and I loved it ever since! NEVER missed an episode!

09. Who's your favorite actor/actress in 4?
Oh how cruel!! LOL I love them all! But alright, I'll admit, Ian Somerhalder made me start watching it, although I already liked Paul Wesley before, too, but I think it was Ian who clinched it for me.

10. Which do you prefer: Show 1 or 2?
What kind of fuckery is this? THAT IS ONE MEAN QUESTION!!! Oh god... *bites lip* True Blood. (At least both has Alex in it LOL)

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of, 1 or 3?
Ha! I've seen all of both! But let's just say Supernatural, as more episodes have aired, yet. ;-)

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?
Oh, maybe Katherine. She got both of the boys. ;-)

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1?
NOOOO WAAAAYY!!! O_O Omg, how would I kill Eric? That's just... I don't... I could NEVER! But alright, hypothetically speaking... Uhm... maybe... Through Sookie's hand, definitely. Maybe she stakes him. I mean, pff... how else could you kill him anyway? I mean, there are not many options, obviously. LMAO!

14. Give a random quote from 1.
Pam... those were great pumps. [Eric Northman]

15. Which character from 5 would be a good guest star on 2?
LMAO!!! But hey, I have THE perfect idea - Arthur! So he could really roll into battle with a sword. ;-)

16. Would a 3/4 crossover work?
You tell me, I'm writing one at the moment. ;-) So yeah, definitely!

17. Pair 2 characters in 1.
Sookie and Sam. I'd love to see something happening there. ;-)

18. Has 5 inspired you in any way?
Uhm... not really?

19. Overall, which show has a better cast, 2 or 4?
Oh, Generation Kill, definitely!! Awesome cast is awesome!

20. Which has better theme music, 3 or 5?
I think I'll say Merlin, as there actually is a theme. LOL


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