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One flew into the cuckoo's nest

Just ordered Jim Beaver's book, which I want to have signed at Asylum Europe. *g* And I pre-ordered the Supernatural companions season 4 and 5. I'm trying hard not to order anything more. It's so tempting. :P Oh, but I already pre-ordered "Dead and Gone", the 9th Sookie Stackhouse novel, and I got an email today that it'll arrive tomorrow!! Yay!

Tomorrow, I have to go to the birthday of K's niece. She turns 1. I don't want to. :-\ I'm so not in the mood. But they're the kind of people who get cranky real easily when things don't go their way. And I am the kind of person who tries to avoid anger in any way. So, I'll just go and hope that I'll be home for Grey's Anatomy starts. Then, I'll get real cranky if I miss this!

Plus, season 3 of Private Practice starts, too, tomorrow. \o/

Hm... with the thought of tomorrow, I kinda feel mopey right now. House season 6 just started, but even that can't really hold my attention completely. And btw, what is Franka Potente doing there? Wasn't it enough that she kissed Matt Damon in the Bourne movies? Now she invades my tv shows?

Tried to write an application today, but didn't finish, yet. Didn't really know how to start it. :-\ Maybe I'll just read a bit later and try to get some sleep. And that's it with my Tuesday.


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Apr. 6th, 2010 08:30 pm (UTC)
Hope tomorrow won't be too bad ;D
Apr. 6th, 2010 08:33 pm (UTC)
Hope so too...
Apr. 7th, 2010 02:23 am (UTC)
*points to icon* Thats what I would do;)

Sounds like you watch A LOT of shows, how do you keep them straight?
Apr. 7th, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
I'll live through it with the thought of Ben McKenzie answering my tweet. LOL

haha Yeah, though I don't know if "a lot" covers it, really. :P I watch some on tv, some that we don't have here, I download. It's not really a problem. My brain must be made for this. hehe Like with remembering all the actors' names, their birthdays... it's a gift and a curse. LOL
Apr. 7th, 2010 11:10 am (UTC)
I used to be that way with boy bands....*facepalm*
Apr. 8th, 2010 05:56 pm (UTC)
Oh nice! *g*
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