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Spamming you? Y/N?

How could I forget my shows!!?

Season 3 of Private Practice started last night and I'm so, so glad it's back! I love it!!

Starting with flashbacks to the beginning of everything, how Oceanside Wellness came together and how everyone started there. And have I mentioned lately how much I like flashbacks? ;)

Great episode!! But I thought Addison acted weird, kinda bitchy and with a god complex(?). She was all like, "I can (and will) save both!!" Like only she can do it and that only she's responsible because she's such a 'brilliant' surgeon. I don't know, that just felt a bit over the top.

Btw, I so, so hope that Pete's the father of Charlotte's baby!! I love them together and that would be so sweet!! ♥

Later, I caught a little of Criminal Intent and immediately recognized a guy I saw before [I must have a six sense for this or something]. He is on The Pacific, as well, and there I already thought, "hey he's cute, find out his name and check him out." But I never really caught his character's name on The Pacific, so seeing him on Criminal Intent was much easier to find out the name then. - Ashton Holmes ;)

And then I saw the preview for next week's Criminal Intent - and there was Sam Trammell (who plays Sam on True Blood)!!! I so have to watch that, too! *g*

Edit: WTF IMDB!?! o.O Now the link won't work anymore?? Huh?


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Apr. 9th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
ashton holmes is adorable in the pacific. i kinda wish they would tell more about the other men, they seemed to be really focused on leckie so far.
Apr. 9th, 2010 08:17 pm (UTC)
*needs more icon space* I found great The Pacific icons the other day, now would've been the perfect time to use one. :P But alright...

Yeah, he's really adorable! Still have to watch the latest episode, which I will do in a few minutes. ;)
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