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Stay Frosty

So, my evening started with the thought of the last Generation Kill rewatch but because of all the LJ fuckery, we're doing it again next week. *g* We all really don't mind watching this episode three times. hehe So, expect a real post about this next week, with gifs and pics and stuff. Because also, I wasn't really following this episode today. Don't really know why. Well, first, I almost forgot to press play at the right moment, then I had to go to the bathroom in the middle and the whole time, I had the feeling that I was missing kind of all of it. :-\ So yeah, real reaction post next week when I've actually seen all of it. [if that's even possible. I need a few more rewatches to really catch everything.]

Today, I had to think of another convention in Germany, FedCon. It'll take place in three weeks and I'd so love to go there, too. So many great guests I'd love to see, like James Marsters, Michael Trucco, Gareth David-Lloyd, Tamoh Penikett and other known people! But aaah, I can't do a third convention this year! :(

Alright, now SHOWS!!!! OMG!!!! Supernatural did it AGAIN! Blowing me away. As always. But let's do it in the order as I watched it. ;-)

+ "The island isn't done with you yet." o.O Whitmore to Desmond.
+ What's in the box?... What? And they want to send Desmond in there?!
+ Dominic Monaghan! :)
+ Huh... AU!Desmond and AU!Whitmore like each other! o.O Odd to see.
+ Yay Charlie!!!
+ OMG!!! The same as in the "Not Penny's boat" scene back then! O_O
+ OMG!!! And AU!Desmond doesn't know Penny!
+ Oh, right, when Whitmore said his son died on the island he meant Daniel Faraday Whitmore!!
+ Still very cryptic, AU!Mrs. Whitmore
+ And AU!Daniel still so cute about AU!Charlotte! <3
+ Hm... Just thought maybe something happens in the finale that "creates" AU!world?! They have new lives but deep inside they "remember" and feel their old selves?! O_O
+ Desmond: She's... an idea.
Daniel: No, Mr. Hume, she's my half sister.
Holy shit! *g*
+ Desmond's talent? Something important to do on the island? WHAT??

Yay for Russ being back!! But aw, in the end... :( I really like the character.

Aww, Ben and the baby! <3

So, that was the season finale and uh, I so hope it gets a season 3!!!

Usually, I don't really write much about this show, not that I don't like it, no it's awesome, but there's just so much going on, so... But well, this, I had to mention. *g*

So, Leckie was in the hospital. A guy takes his belongings and sees razorblades, so he goes, "No razorblades. And I'm gonna need your belt, too." I guess in case he wants to kill himself. Then Leckie pulls out a gun from behind his back and says, "What do you want me to do with this?" and he scares the crap out of this guy. haha Awesome!!!

The title alone gives me the creeps...

+ Stefan goes hunting - Damon: "Give my regards to squirrels." *g*
+ Omg! They take Stefan!!!
+ Oh, Damon in the rain... mhhh...
+ *claps hands* Stefan shirtless! *g*
+ Oh, they ask Alaric for help! "Teacher by day, vampire hunter by night." He's got the tools. ;-)
+ Omg! Damon just kills the home owner! o.O
+ Ah, Elena, why can't you listen to Damon? Just once.
+ Oy, Caroline finds a body. o.O
+ "I'll do it." Omg! Anna, no! O_O
+ Uh! Alaric with the shotgun - HOT!
+ STEFAN!!! :(
+ OMG! They found Vicki! O_O
+ OMG!! Stefan drinks from Elena!!! [so hot btw]
+ Oooooh, badass vampire Stefan ooooooh!!
+ Aw, Matty. :( Aw, he says to Caroline he needs to be alone and then Elena comes and he goes to her!
+ Ah, Damon, I love you!!! "We were badass." *gg*
+ Oh, Jeremy, he wanted to be turned for Vicki!
+ *gasp* Stefan drinks human blood!!!

First, I tried watching this episode live online but that damn site always needed to be refreshed and then the sound wasn't so good, as well as the picture, so I gave up on that after like two minutes. That's not how I want to see my show.
Then, I wanted to wait for the download link but I went offline at 4:30 am then. Guess when the first link came? 4:45 am. *headdesk* LOL

But alright, here we go! Show, I love you!!! I don't think there's anything you can do that will make me love you even slightly less. <3

+ Recap: Oh, don't tell me God is in the boy?! O_O [30 secs in] LOL Alright, first impulse when seeing this. Forgetaboutit. LOL
+ Leah - new prophet?!
+ Cas' voicemail, "Yeah, I don't understand why you want me to say my name". Awww! *g* Yeah, Sam hopes he gets the message. LOL
+ "Father in heaven..." - Dean: "Yeah, not so much."
+ Something's not right in that town...
+ Angels pulling the strings - never good
+ Aw, Cas drunk! LOL But also kinda sad. He looks so exhausted, like he doesn't give a damn anymore. :(
+ Dean: What is she?
Cas: The whore.
Dean: Wow, Cas, tell us what you really think.
+ Cas: You breed with the mouth of a goat ...pause... It's funnier in Enochian. LMAO
+ "Sam of course is an abomination." Aww, poor Sammy. LOL His puppy-eyed face!
+ She hurt Cas! She really is a whore! :X
+ Dean could do it! A real servant?!
+ Woman: "How are we supposed to get to paradise now?"
Dean: "I'm sorry. Pretty sure you're heading in a different direction." O_O Wow!
+ Oooh, Sam thinks now that Dean is gonna do something "Michael-stupid"!
+ Dean driving off... TO LISA!!! Ok, where did that come from?! IS BEN REALLY DEAN'S SON?!?!?!!!!!!!! And he knows and now he's making arrangements with the angels so nothing happens to them?!

Alright, in depth:

I think that Dean is going to say yes. I felt that he wants it to end and that no more innocent people have to die, so he'll sacrifice his life and be the vessel and kill Lucifer. :( *hugs him*

I let out a big AWWW when Sam said that he wants to be with Dean and hunt together and everything. Brotherly love! <3

WHAT DID DEAN WHISPER into Lisa's ear!!?? I hope we'll get to know!!! I think that they didn't really need to say it out loud that Dean knows Ben's his son (btw, OMG!!!! *g*). I think Lisa knew that he knew when she opened the door and saw him there. I thought about it the whole day today (while cleaning LOL), that she just told this story of this other guy, so Dean doesn't feel he has to stay or that he has to do something.
Btw, when Dean said he wants to stay with Lisa and "the kid"... I thought I couldn't possibly love and adore Dean more, but... I CAN!!! ♥♥♥

That ending was so sad, because you just know what he's gonna do. :( Oh Dean!

But btw, oh my... I immediately had an idea for a Dean/Lisa fic - even got a title already! LOL

Btw, when LJ was being bitchy yesterday, I really realized how much I really use it and like it, but wow that was annoying! o.O


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Apr. 11th, 2010 02:14 am (UTC)
I feel like I'm the only one who didn't find it a little OTT when Dean showed up at Lisa's house. I guess I just figured that the whole episode with Lisa and Ben was pretty damn obvious. *shrug* He wanted a son, and Lisa's denial was pretty flimsy so we kinda figured Ben was really his, and Lisa is a kick ass girl who didn't freak out like that bitchface Cassie. And then having Sam with him? They could've made the perfect family, in that cute little house with Uncle Sam living next door. :( I'm really sad that'll probably never happen.

I too am VERY curious about what he whispered to Lisa. TELL ME NOW!!!

I'm nervous about next week. Sam and Bobby locking Dean in the demon panic room in the basement? The angels changing the deal? :/ CAS BEATING HIM UP?! Oy with the poodles already.

On the upside, Jensen did say they had to hit rock bottom as brothers before they could get back to good, which is what I'm assuming is happening now. They're at odds, probably going to fight like hell, the Apocalypse will force them to fight alonside one another, and then season six will be them rebuilding their friendship, traveling on the road together like before. I hope. *fingers crossed* I'm tired of my boys being at odds. They really aren't as good when they're not together.
Apr. 11th, 2010 12:02 pm (UTC)
I already suspected Lisa telling Dean a fake story when this season 3 ep. aired back then, but now, I thought it was surprising that he went to her and actually confronted her (though without saying anything). God, I hope they tell us what he whispered into her ear!!!

I'm nervous, too, about next week. I think I'll stay up and wait for a DL and then I'll watch it first thing!
Apr. 11th, 2010 08:42 am (UTC)
I'd so love to go to the FedCon too - one day. *g*
Apr. 11th, 2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
Me too. Never have been, but they have cool guests, too. But I just can't do a third con this year. Maybe next year, depending on the guests. ;)
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