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Service wasteland Germany!

Dear God! Been to town today at the post office. First, I wanted to send the Merlin book back to its owner and I found out if it's marked as "Book Rate", then it's cheaper, so I wrote that on the envelope. And the guy really put a stamp for only 85 cents on it, so I was happy. But then this old bitch (sorry, but really!) turned to me, waving with the package and saying, "But it's closed, it has to remain open". And I was like, ???. I mean, will it really make its way to the receiver if it stays open? And she mentions, that sometimes they open packages to see if there are really books in it, so it has to be closed only with a clip or something. I said that's news to me and they both looked at me in a weird way and kept shaking their heads and I felt like climbing over the table, hitting them both with the package so hard. "The receiver might have to pay postage due", she continued and I simply said they should charge me then. *sighs* So in the end, I paid 1,45 Euros. Well... That was #1.

Then, I asked about the package I sent to France 5 weeks ago! And they couldn't help me at all. Because I sent it as (small) package, there's no tracking number. (Btw, is there a difference in English for "Paket" and "Päckchen"?) Anyway, he gave me a number to call, the so called "service center". I called and this guy on the other end was... weird. He was talking in such a low voice, I had to use all my super-human hearing powers to hear him at all. But then, sometimes, he almost shouted. Really weird. LOL I didn't know if he was talking to me or to himself. :P Well, he also said he couldn't really help me and read a clause of a (new?) law, saying that the post office isn't obligated anymore to search for missing packages or letters. Only the (big) packages. He gave me another number and said that I have to be insistent because usually, they just get rid of people on the phone. I have to ask for a special application to start with the search for the package, and no, I can't just get it from the post office in town, they have to send it to me especially. It could be easier, people! *rolleyes* But even if I fill one of those out and send it in, they don't have to actually search for the package! Can you believe it!? I mean, I paid for it to make its way to France, and they took the money and now they're like, "well, thanks for the money but it's not our problem if it doesn't arrive". Tsss... :-\

I haven't called this other number, yet, I was kind of too annoyed already. Maybe I'll call Amalia first and ask her to check in their post office. Maybe they put it there and never told her that they did. I mean, the package has to be somewhere. And why not send it back to me if it couldn't be delivered? Hell, it's been over five weeks!!!

I started reading Jim Beaver's "Life's That Way" last night, and oh, I already laughed and cried! Some thoughts, so far (I'm on page 70) Cut in case you want to read it for yourself. 
Already the introduction made me a bit sad, and on page 5, at the end of the first entry, I already said "Aw" to myself and made a sad face.

Then, every now and then, I felt tears coming into my eyes but then I also laughed so much when Jim wrote about his daughter ["Somewhere in the course of her twenty-six months she's learned flamenco dancing. It was a rough night."]

And I first really shed a few tears on page 33 when he talked about his ill father who was about to die, too, but he couldn't be with him. What he wrote is how I feel about my dad, too. That he always was this strong person, but now he's ill, too, and all I do is worry about losing him too soon. :(

It's beautifully touching and moving! Read it people!!

I almost forgot the time while reading but I wanted to watch "Mysterious Skin" (which I liked much btw), so I turned the tv on. The news were still on, and I thought, alright, I got a few more minutes. I put it on mute and continued reading. When I looked up every now and then, they talked about sports and I thought, ok 1-2 more minutes, then the weather report and the movie will start. I kept reading - and then it happened - my Stark Sands radar flipped on! I looked up again and saw

I never turned on the audio faster! *g* They showed bits from the show - Stark singing and jumping! - and interviews with Green Day, of course, but OMFG!!! And that on our news! On "Tagesschau" even! (the Germans will know LOL) Couldn't believe it!!! That made my night! *g*
But now, I just want to see it even more!!! I had this wild thought the other day of buying a plane ticket and spending a weekend in NY just to see this show (and Stark of course!). It will remain just a dream, I think... :-\

You (US) guys always have the great stuff! What do we have here? "Hairspray" with Maite Kelly and Uwe Ochsenknecht. Thank you very much! :-\ (And something is very wrong naming those two in one post with Stark! :P) Oh well...

I vote for an American Idiot world tour!!! :P

Webber fired Izzy!! And oh, btw, I so don't like the Mercy West'ers!! :-\

And Izzy, then, just left Alex!! She left just a note! Wtf Izzy!? :-\

YES! Charlotte's baby, Lucas, IS PETE'S!!! \o/ I'm really happy about that! :)

Hey, I miss Dell, btw! Already the second episode in a row without him!


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Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
Oy, post offices. o.O
Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:19 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'll give them hell! How annoying! :-\
Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:19 pm (UTC)
I went to my post office yesterday to send out a birthday gift, and I ran into some trouble as well.

I did my research and checked on their site first to see which packages they sold and how much each of them cost. So I go into the office and find the smallest package/box they had, which was 1.something euros. Next to it I see a padded envelope that I could also have used, and this was 0.80 cents or something. I thought "well, it's not that much of a difference and a box seems safer. Maybe I could also add some candy or something since there will be some room left." So I had to the register and the lady asks me if I want to buy the stamp thing that goes with it too. So of course I say yes (how else am I gonna send it?), thinking it will be regular stamp price or maybe slightly more expensive. And she says "That's a total of 7.something euros."

I WAS TOO CONFUSED TO REACT AND JUST PAID. Then I walked out of the shop and my friend was like "...you paid 7euros to send a tiny package? WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST GET THE PADDED ENVELOPE!"

Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:25 pm (UTC)
I know that all too well. And sometimes, I think I'd just love to say what I think, right in their faces. But I only come up with something "cool" later. LOL But I'm also not that person, I think. Maybe I'm too nice. :P

But really, it's not normal! They charge so much but the service... hell... :-\
Apr. 23rd, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Whoah. Post offices all over the world are full of weirdness. Though *touch wood* Canada Post has been really good so far.
Apr. 23rd, 2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
My friend in France said the same about post offices before. It's like they just don't care. :-\
Apr. 23rd, 2010 05:52 am (UTC)
Ich will die Post ja nur ungern in Schutz nehmen, aber wenn du ein Päckchen verschickst und es geht verloren, dann hast Du leider Pech gehabt...Das hat nix mit einer Servicewüste Deutschland zu tun; in anderen Staaten suchen die garantiert auch nicht nach solchen Sachen. Vielleicht hat dem Postboten Deine Verpackung gefallen und er hat es einfach eingesteckt...
Und was lernen wir daraus? Wichtige Sachen so verschicken, dass sie nachverfolgt werden können ;) Auch wenn das dann leider teurer ist.
Und das eine Büchersendung offen sein muss, das ist schon immer so. Weil in der Tat viele versuchen zu betrügen und was anderes so verschicken wollen und die Post daher Stichproben macht. Bücher- und auch Warensendungen dauern viel länger als ein normaler Brief, daher hasse ich es, wenn ich was beim Amazon marktplatz bestellt hab und derjenige schickt es dann so raus...Ich stehe am nächsten Tag immer erwartungsvoll am Briefkasten und es ist natürlich nix drinne.
Apr. 23rd, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
Ich meine ja auch, wie die sich mir gegenüber verhalten haben und dann noch so ne Fratze ziehen, in die man am liebsten reinhauen will. :-\ Einfach scheiße, echt!
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