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Hm, what did I do today? Oh, very interesting stuff like sleeping until noon, cooking fried eggs (almost sunnyside up, but damn pan) and then I read some more of "Life's That Way". I'll finish it tonight, I think.

Got a letter from the job center today. I have another appointment on Monday. Bleh!

But I also got a postcard from cordeliadelayne! Thank you, sweetie!!! :D Made me very happy! My mother, "Vancouver?", and I immediately said, "Oh yeah!" and started to squee. *g*

Oh, how much I love Ashton Holmes these days! I *cough*downloaded*cough* most of his episodes from various tv shows, including an episode of House, and when I started watching it last night, I thought, "Hey, you know this!" (well, of course, I do, as I never missed an episode, yet), but I remembered it well - because it only was on tv here maybe four weeks ago!! *g* But better to watch it in English now.

Btw, German dubbing, good god, was "A very Supernatural Christmas" bad in German! o.O LOL

And how come that I didn't know that Kyle Schmid and Ashton were in a movie together? "A history of violence", which I never watched, though, but I just saw a picture of both of them in one scene, and I thought, "My Kyle was in a movie with Ashton? How did I not know?". o.O

I loved the latest episode of The Pacific, btw. But wow, one scene was really, really disturbing!
No sign of Sid Phillips but I liked the episode anyway. But wow it was sad! First time, since I'm watching this, that I got teary eyed. Just a little bit, but yeah, depressing! Especially, when their (the unit's) skipper, Capt. Haldane died. So suddenly, we didn't even see it. A guy just said that a sniper got him and that was that. :(

And the end was very depressing, too. But in between, oh my... This guy Snafu reminded me of Trombley of Generation Kill - the company's psycho. Really. He started throwing rocks into a dead Japanese guy's head!!! O_O And omg, the sound that made! This must be the sickest thing I ever saw! Maybe even in all my years of tv watching! He did sick things before but this? This topped it all!

And now one long week until the next episode!! :(

Oh, my all-knowing flist, got a tip how to save Youtube videos now? Since I think KeepVid is charging now and I also realized the file doesn't show up in my temporary files, as well, how can I? Or sound ripping? I think I could do that with the RealPlayer, couldn't I? I so have no idea about stuff like this. :P

Edit: Huh... apparently the file does show up in the temp. files, just not as a real file, though. I just played a video on Youtube, cursed "why can't I save you from my temp files?" and when I opened the temp files, I saw a file named "Youtube....somethingsomething", but it had no file extension. So I simply put .flv at the end et voilà! Ha! :D
Still leaves me to find out about the sound ripping thing...


Apr. 28th, 2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
No, you're not intruding. Hi! :)

Thanks, I might check it out.
Apr. 28th, 2010 09:39 pm (UTC)
if you do use the program, and add them onto your ipod there are times where some songs/videos will do some weird things to your ipod like if you put it on shuffle it will just play one song and then it will skip non stop without playing any songs. so if that does happen, just remove the one song/vid that you added from your library and your ipod should work fine again. it's happened to me a couple of times so I just wanted to warn you just in case it happens. lol but overall it's a good program. haha.
Apr. 28th, 2010 09:42 pm (UTC)
haha Alright! Thanks for pointing that out. :D See you around!

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