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I thought I tasted the sun on your skin

~ It's raining. And here I thought it was really going to be warmer now... Even had to turn on the heater again! o.O

~ Picked up my train ticket today. Misha, here I come! *g* Whether you like it or not.

~ No luck at the gift shop where I asked if they needed help. But I sent another application to a security company. They're looking for someone for the telephone and alarm reception in the night shift. I know the company as they managed our company's security before. Maybe they'll remember my name, or something.

~ Finished "Dead and Gone" by Charlaine Harris last night. 
I really liked this book! Maybe because it didn't repeat the already known things so much, you know, like Sookie's telepathy or her job, or something. I thought in the previous books, those info was mentioned more and that, I thought, was a bit boring maybe, because I knew it before, of course.

And I also didn't mind the story about the fairies, but I have to admit that some parts were a little confusing, I thought. For example, when Sookie's great-grandfather mentioned how they were all related. Many names and much info, like, this one is her great-uncle, but only half fairy, half human, but he hates half-humans at the same time and so on. And then there are sea-fairies and sky-fairies... I thought it was a little overloaded with info on Sookie's family background, maybe. But what I thought was interesting was, that we find out that Sookie's parents didn't die in an accident. They were killed in a flash flood - and the "enemy fairies" are sea-fairies. ;)

So, the supes come out to the world, but it doesn't go well for all of them. Sam's mother gets shot by her husband who didn't know about her and Sam has to go see his family. And there, his brother is mentioned! First time we hear about him, or am I wrong? First, I thought, they developed that character for the tv series, but alright, now I know that he does exist in the books, as well. ;)

And Crystal gets murdered! Crucified! O_O I didn't expect that. Calvin comes and wants to find the killer and when Jason shows Calvin his obedience, Calvin says, "You'll be in at the kill." Woah, creepy.

There was also a nice Sam/Sookie moment in the beginning when they're on the phone and he says that he wished she were there with him. I kinda feel/hope that something's gonna happen with them. ;) I think they'd be really cute together. ♥ But well, I guess, Sookie doesn't like "cute".

And this brings me to Eric. *sighs* We learn something about his background, that he was married and Sookie knew already [When did I miss this? Did I?] and that he had six children!! Sad to imagine that he was a father, like Bill had been too, but it's harder to imagine with Eric.
In the book, it's very differently portrayed how he was turned. And was it even Godric (in the books)? I think we never found out before, either.
Eric: He taught me many things, and the first was not to call him Appius. He said I didn't know him well enough.
Sookie: The second thing?
Eric: How to get to know him.
Sookie: Oh. I figured I understood what that meant.

Will they maybe show this in season 3?? They said they'd show flashbacks of Godric, and I was already wondering why, and then Alex said he shot intimate scenes with a man... so... ;) Squee?! *g*

Here, a moment, that I thought was so me!
A heavy girl came up and thrust an autograph book on front of Eric. And he asks Sookie what the girl thought about him. "Oh she was very nervous and she thought you were lovely, but..." I struggled to put it into words. "Not handsome in a way that was very real to her, because she would never think she would actually get to have you. She's very... she doesn't think much of herself."
I had one of those flashes of fantasy: Eric would walk over to her, bow to her, give her a reverent kiss on the cheek, ignore her prettier friends. This gesture would make every man in the bar wonder what the vampire saw in her that they couldn't see. Suddenly the plain girl would be overwhelmed with attention from the men who'd witnessed the interchange. Her friends would give her respect because Eric had. Her life would change.
But none of that happened, of course. Eric forgot about the girl as soon as I'd finished speaking. I didn't think it would work out like my fantasy, even if he did approach her. I felt a flash of disappointment that fairy tales didn't come true.

Oh, Sookie, true words... :(

On a lighter note - Quinn returns! \o/ But only shortly. :( I don't know but I really like Quinn. I can understand Sookie that she wants to be first on his list, but I don't know if I had broken up with him so quickly. Maybe I would've tried, at least.

And that was the only moment Quinn was there. Hm... BUT ok, I got over that soon enough, because in the next chapter Sookie was already hooking up with Eric! Again! *g* And oh, that was HOT HOT HOT! "I am too big for some." HOT HOT HOT!!! :P

"I thought I tasted the sun on your skin." Eric. Take.me.now!

Of course, then in the end, there's the big fight with the good fairies and the bad ones. And awww, because of Claudine and Tray Dawson having to die! I liked both of them much! :(

The fairies decide to close the door to the human world, so I guess that's it with the fairies, for now at least.

Sookie's great-grandfather: The vampire is a good man and he loves you.
Me: Which one?
And a few sentences later, Sookie: He left before I could ask him which vampire he meant.

So, again, I really liked this book!! :) I think "Dead in the Family" came out yesterday? And I just had a look at Amazon when the paperback comes out - May 2011!! O_O Hell... but I'll wait if I have to. I like the paperback ones, and I have all the others in paperback, as well, so... ;)


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May. 5th, 2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
Perfect icon! haha
May. 6th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
When is the convention?? OMG must warn Misha that you're coming he'll need an extra pair of clothes and a box of condoms.. lol Just don't kill him he's fragile you know.
May. 6th, 2010 12:50 am (UTC)
May 21st - 23rd!! :D Two more weeks, omg! *eek*

Well, I'll try my best not to harm him, but I can guarantee... :P
May. 6th, 2010 03:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah, what's up with the weather? Tsk!
May. 6th, 2010 05:26 pm (UTC)
Rain the whole day, today. o.O
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