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I'm tired. \o/

Yes, this is a good thing. After months of not feeling very tired at all, and always going to bed at 4:30 am, thinking, "Yeah, ok, *might* be time for bed now", this actually feels really good. - And it's not even 10:30 pm, yet! Ha!

Got up at 7 am today and went to this job thingie again, to watch the other woman working there and having her explain some of the major things about the job and all. It was quite interesting, I have to say. The whole communication over the radio feels so very... I spy. LOL I mean, she explained that there are four other taxi companies nearby, and they can all hear each other over the radio, because it's the same frequency in this area. So it's all very secretive, like she can't tell her drivers the exact address over the radio before they're in the village or town, because one of the business rivals might be there somewhere and could pick up "our" customer before her driver even arrives, you know. And there's a lot of writing, and I mean, A LOT!!! By hand! They only have one computer and don't really use it at all, only to write letters and invoices, so it's all by hand. Which I wouldn't mind. I kinda like that. Yeah, call me crazy. :P It looks like a very stressful job and the boss is a rude and cranky man (I've only encountered him twice yesterday and today and I can already tell), so I'm a *bit* unsure about it. On the other hand, it would be better than nothing and I don't know if I could do it, if I don't try, right? So, I *might* do it, just to try, at least. She said I could think about it over the weekend, and if I want to do it, I should just appear on Tuesday morning.

I'd almost say it's a bit of bad timing. I waited for a job opportunity for so long and now that I don't have much time, planning my trip to Asylum Europe and all, it's coming all at once and I have to make decisions within only one or two days. I'll have to think about the job, I'll have to call the job center, probably tomorrow (she won't be happy with it being only a part time job, I can already tell), going to town, picking up some things, pack my bag and get all the papers ready (jeez, I haven't done one bit for this trip yet!)... And my train leaves Thursday, around noon. *sighs*

So, my day tomorrow:

- Call the job center, hoping she'll call me back that day (I can't reach her directly, don't ask, it's aaall so weird and confusing)
- Tidy up my desk and find all the papers I need for the convention (plus deviltrap's papers that I printed for her)
- Start packing the bag (I still don't really know what to take with me, to get signed, like books or dvds... I'll definitely let Jim sign his book for me and I bought the Supernatural novel "Witch's Canyon" for a friend's birthday that I'll miss because I'm away, so I thought I'll have it signed for her as well. And I thought about taking my The Fast and The Furious dvd with me and let Chad sign it *g*)
- Go to town (pharmacy, supermarket) = That should be the easiest part. LOL
- Check LJ and Twitter again (hiatus post etc.)
- Catch my Wednesday shows
- Go to bed early (hopefully)

And then it's Thursday and I have to get up early again... Breakfast, shower, checking the bag, putting in the rest of the stuff, checking again if I forgot something, leave for train, hopefully arrive safe and sound in Cologne where deviltrap will pick me up. :D Then it's Friday and I'll be lying in Misha's arms - that's the plan at least. :P And I'm already hearing mixed thoughts about Rogue Events. Hm, well, we'll see...

Btw, Asylum Europe goers - didn't we kind of talk about exchanging cell phone numbers or something for a possible meet up sometime on the weekend?? I might just do a locked post after this one with my number, so take, text, or... don't. :P I'll be wearing the great tag banners which raths_kitten made, so you can also look out for people wearing those - I'm one of them! ;)


What?! :( My Davis killed my Jimmy and my Jimmy killed my Davis!!! *cries with Oliver*


Rings to protect them from the blackout? o.O Okay then... I want to know more!!


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May. 19th, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
Have a great time dear.. remember to give Jim a kiss for me on the cheek and tell him it's from me..

I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home..

May. 19th, 2010 03:10 pm (UTC)
Where is my "Bobby is awesome" icon when I need it...? LOL

Well, thanks! And I'll try to get as near as possible. ;) haha
May. 19th, 2010 06:55 pm (UTC)
LOL I like the 'spy' part ;D
May. 19th, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah that looks like fun. LOL
May. 20th, 2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
ROOOOOD!! *gg*

Have so much fun at the Con, and I hope it will all work out for you!! :)
May. 25th, 2010 01:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you!! It was one awesome weekend!! Report later. ;)
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