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Can't believe Lost is really over. :( Just watched the last episodes today (I was 3 episodes behind) and I miss it already. It was weird sometimes, always confusing, but hell, I love(d) it and I'll miss it! I'm already looking forward to the complete dvd pack. That's gonna be MINE! *g*

+ Des hitting Ben and he remembers something - worlds overlapping?!
+ What is Desmond's role in all of this?
+ Oh, the boy again - it's little Jacob, right?
+ *giggles* Hi Mark/Jacob *bg*
+ Oy! What did Whitmore whisper to Locke? I want to know!
+ Ben kills Whitemore!
+ Yes Jacob, goodness, please tell them finally what it's all about!
+ Of course, Jack volunteers...
+ Des and Hugo working together!
+ Des is the last resort in case Locke kills the candidates!
And Locke wants to destry the island! O_O

+ Hugo: I got a bad feeling about this. - Oh, don't say this! :-\
+ Charlie!!! :)
+ Oh Ben... for a sec I liked you but working with Locke now... tsts. Or what is your plan exactly? o.O
+ Rose and Bernard found Des! :)
+ Sun & Jin ♥ when she remembers - and then they remember English! Aw!
+ Richard and his first grey hair - cute! LOL
+ Oh, Locke and Jack arrive at the same time at that place! O_O
+ O_O In AU!world, Juliet is Jack's ex-wife and the mother of their child!!
+ OMG!! It's Shannon!!
+ BOONE!!!
+ Ah, crazy Claire!
+ Charlotte & Daniel ♥
+ Charlie & Claire ♥
+ What? It's like a "cork" in the island? o.O
+ Claire's baby is coming and Kate's with her - like on the island!!
+ Ok, now I'm actually crying when Charlie and Claire remembered!
+ Hell of a job, Jack. First day and you fail! :-\
+ Did Jack really kill Locke now??!!
+ Aw, the way Sun & Jin smile at Sawyer because they remember! *g*
+ Sawyer & Juliet ♥

+ Jack thinks he won't survive :(
+ Aw, Hurley is Jack's replacement
+ What? No magic words Jack? ;)
+ Yeah, Des, you put the light out, but wasn't it supposed to never go out in the first place?
+ They make it on the plane!
+ Jack! :(
+ Aw, Hugo's afraid he can't do it and asks Ben for help!
+ Jack! :)
+ Empty casket - again
+ And there's his dad o.O
+ Jack... died?
+ THEY ALL DIED?!?!?!?!!!!! O_O

Huh... at the moment, I don't really know what to think of that. So, had they been dead from the very beginning after the plane crash? And EVERYTHING that happened in between was... nothing?!

Oh show, even in the end you confuse me. I love you! ♥

+ Neil Patrick Harris!! :D
+ "Dream on" was so, so cool!!
+ Glee flashmob huh? ;) I'd love to do something like this too, one day. *g*
+ Oh, the Vocal Adrenaline coach is Rachel's mother!! o.O
+ Poor Artie


+ "I think he thinks vampires are real." LOL
+ Saw a live video of that "Bad Romance" performance before and I'll say it again - GREAT and respect to Kurt for dancing in those shoes!
+ Wow, Kurt's dad!
+ Puck! ♥
+ Tina FTW!

Dell married Heather!!! I can't believe it!!! O_O

Finally also saw the final episode of The Pacific!!

So sad that it's over! I really, really liked it!!

Sad when Snafu just left the train without saying goodbye to Sledge! :(

And goodness - Leckie in the dress blues!! If a guy showed up at my door like that, uuuhh... *g*

And dear GOD! did Ashton Holmes look good in the dress blues!!! *swoons*


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May. 28th, 2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
Lost! <3

I was under the impression that everything that happened on the island still happened. I thought that because the 'purgatory' is timeless all the people died but at different times, but because we were following Jack, it is though his eyes that we experienced it all, and through him we 'moved on' in a way too...I don't know if I am just being confusing xD

This weeks Glee cracked me up, Tina was awesome! I thought it was rather mean of Figgins to tell her she needed to change when it was other people who were being crazy but then she went and sorted him out in the best way imaginable xD
May. 28th, 2010 02:53 pm (UTC)
I think I want to watch it all again and maybe with this knowledge now, more stuff makes sense, and I notice things that I didn't before.

haha Yeah, Glee was great. :D
May. 28th, 2010 04:13 pm (UTC)
They didn't die in the crash. Watch the scene where Jack is taking to his dad and Christian tells him, some died earlier and some died later.

Sawyer, Kate, Miles and the others made it off the island. We don't know what happens to them after that.

The Sideways storyline was some sort of purgatory where their souls were waiting to reunite before moving on. Each of them began to remember about their time on the island when they were reunited with a significant other or experienced an event trigger. It wasn't through Jack's eyes though because he wasn't in all scenes - they were all imagining it.

I loved the end.
May. 28th, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
Now that you explain it like this... Aww!!! I kind of can't wait to watch it all again from the very beginning! :D
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