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At the moment, I'm talking with deviltrap about Flashpoint and how really awesome this show is. Here, we had six episodes, so far, and I have absolutely NO idea, why they aren't showing more now, but instead they're repeating the first four. o.O No wonder why I'm already thinking about just buying season 1 on dvd. Tss...

Btw, dvds... I heard that Everwood season 3 is coming out! Why haven't I noticed season 2 coming out, as well? o.O But yay! :D But what about Third Watch or Poltergeist: The Legacy?! These are shows I really, really, really want to have!!! (more than just the first season which is out)

Finally watched Glee!!

Oh, I almost cried with them when they thought Sue was going to crush Glee Club! :(

Emma is seeing someone, aw Will! :(

Finn/Rachel - aw!

Oh, "Bohemian Rhapsody" was great! Great performance!

Quinn has her baby!! And aww, Puck's looks! *g*

Quinn: Did you love me?
Puck: Yes. Especially now.

hehe Sue gets a dose of her own medicine - and votes for New Directions! :D But they lose! :(

Oh, "Somewhere over the rainbow", I listened to this on the radio the other day, while driving. I got tears in my eyes and had to stop singing along to concentrate on the road again. :P

Also watched the first two episodes of Persons Unknown, the new show with Jason Wiles. :)

1.01 - Pilot

So, seven people wake up in an abandoned town, in a hotel. They are from all over the US and they have tracking devices implanted in their thighs! o.O And there's an invisible fence they can't get through and they are being watched.

And hey, Jason Wiles strips in episode 1? - NICE! I like it already! *g*

There's a Chinese Restaurant where they get food and then fortune cookies. Janet's says, "Kill your neighbor and you'll go free" - she has to kill Joe!

When they get back to the hotel, there's a night manager and they ask him how he got there. He just says, he got a call that he got the job and then he woke up there, as well. They ask if he doesn't find that quite weird, but he just says, "I'm used to it by now." o.O

Well, this first episode was really interesting. We don't get to know everything about each character right in the beginning and it seems everyone got something to hide. Who are really the bad guys? What do they want?

1.02 - The Edge

Janet finds a gun in her room with another message - "Kill Joe and you'll go free"!

And in Tori's room, a soon to be butterfly turns up, with the message, "You will soon win a high prize or an award" - whatever that means.

Moira is kinda odd. She seems to know a lot, as well.

I totally giggled when the Marine said "Stay Frosty". *g*

After dinner, they manage to escape in a van, but then there's a light and suddenly they're back in town. So weird! o.O

The things you get done when you're up early... :P

I posted three Supernatural drabbles here spirit_junction and I typed up my fic for spn_hetexchange. I gave it deviltrap to read beta and she simply said "hot", so I guess it's good. LOL It's NC-17 and first I thought I could never post this *is shy*, but now I kind of can't wait that it's July and posting starts. :D


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Jun. 20th, 2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
Glee was awesome! I was in tears so many times the first time I watched it, lol! I love Rachel & Finn's Faithfully cover, it was awesome!

I totally thought New Directions were better than Vocal Adrenaline though...but I know the show was going for the judges being dicks so we'll just let it go xD

(I think you mean Quinn, on her asking Puck if he loved her) I love how gooey Puck got over seeing his daughter. I think a lot of that is that Mark Salling is a big sap when babies are about ;)
Jun. 21st, 2010 05:11 pm (UTC)
Whoopsie, what did I write...? Oh, of course I meant Quinn! :P *goes to edit*

I love Mark Salling! :D
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