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Way up high, or down low

I want it to be the weekend. NOW! :-\ I'm so... well, not tired, not exhausted, but something in between, I don't know. It's too friggin' hot to do anything! I can't sleep properly and in one hour I have to go back to work. Hell, I just came home! o.O Didn't sleep well. First, my brother needed me to do something (office stuff) and I was already pissed. First, yesterday afternoon and I thought that I have little free time until work calls again and then HE wants something, something stupid and annoying, and then this morning when I got home again. I was pissed and it wasn't even 7 am. I only fell asleep around 9 am I think, but then it was too hot already, and too bright and too loud. And THEN I only got up at almost 5:30 pm!!! O_O
But I dreamed of Bradley James standing in my yard and singing "Wherever you will go" to me. ♥ I've had worse dreams. *g*

And hell, they said that Saturday it's supposed to be 37°C!!! 37!!!!! That means, it's gonna be over 40 in my room, easily! o.O Holy freakin' hell!!! I know why I like winter so much.

More about Flash Forward and True Blood later. Watched both last night, but I think I need to watch True Blood again. It's not so good to watch that at work. 1. this alarm thingie in the room is so loud, like a really, really loud fridge and 2. I squee too much, me thinks! :P

Hm... good question. Nothing really, I have to say, as all my most favorite shows are on hiatus...

Oh, wth am I talking about!!!??? LOL

TRUE BLOOD!!! Of course! :P

I also posted a gift!fic that I wrote for spn_hetexchange at my writing journal spirit_junction. The real assignment is going to be posted within the next couple of days, as well, I think. Posting starts on the 1st, and I have my fic finished, so why wait? ;)


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Jul. 2nd, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
It's too hot. TOO HOT. *melts*
Jul. 4th, 2010 07:44 am (UTC)
This reminds me how much I love winter.
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