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Dormez la belle, il n'est point jour

Finished "Bones to Ashes" by Kathy Reichs last night, and it really was very good! And after that, I read "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher and omg, it was amazing!!! I couldn't stop reading!!! Like this guy Clay in the book listening to the tapes, I couldn't stop reading. I HAD to know!!! It was GREAT!!!
Det. Ryan gave Tempe an address...

"...Pierrefonds to Cherrier." - *eek* and LOL - Pierrefonds! Where Merlin is filmed. *g*

Last night in the night shift for this week, and I truly hope I won't fall asleep. This morning, I just couldn't fall asleep. It was maybe 10 am until I succeeded - but not for long. I tossed and turned and had weird dreams (about work again, geez!) and then I got up at around 2 pm because I was SO thirsty and it was SO HOT! And I haven't slept since. My brother just asked if I got to sleep some more, but I pointed to the laptop and squealed something about "Skarsgard!!! *eek*" and he said, "Well, if he can keep you up tonight...". Omg! Brother! You have NO idea!!! :P

And Anna Paquin is getting PAID for making out with Alex!!! Hell, I wouldn't even TAKE money for that!!!

Many cuts today, it seems. :P

1.19 - Course Correction

+ Simon finds his sister but he#s being held hostage
+ Bryce is going to be fine, his cancer is in remission!! :)
+ Keiko is in the hospital - and Nicole knows
+ Omg! Demetri saves this woman from the weird guy but she runs into another then!
+ Bryce kisses Nicole again! Just before she can tell him about Keiko! Of course, she won't tell him now
+ Ay! Mark sees Olivia with Lloyd
+ Simon is Suspect Zero! Why didn't I realize that before? o.O

1.20 - The Negotiation

+ Mark: How did you draw this?
Gabriel: With a pen. - THAT's the correct answer! LOL
+ Demetri want to be a part in the baby's life! Aw!
+ Maybe/Probably I must've missed something in between because I think the whole Jericho storyline is boring and doesn't fit in there... o.O
+ Oh no, Janice wants to give Gabe to the bad guys! I like Gabe! :(
+ Why do they always wait so long that the bad guy has a chance to delete evidence? I'd have shot him in the leg or something. That would've stopped him from typing.
+ Janice works for the CIA! Ok, I guess I should've known that, too. LOL

1.21 - Countdown

+ Omg! Demetri tells Zoey about him and Janice!
+ Nicole tells Bryce about Keiko!
+ Oh Mark, just throw it away! Oh no... he drinks!
+ Ok, Aaron's daughter dies! It's really all turning out differently
+ Oh, AND Olivia leaves!
+ Mark in jail!
+ Nicole home alone - who's gonna kill her? Bryce?? o.O
+ Keiko on the way to Japan!
Oh my, how will it turn out?

1.22. - Future shock

+ LOL at Bryce and the police woman. He tells her about Keiko and his flash forward and she says, "That's a pretty good flash forward. In my flash forward I had a hundred dollars in my pocket and didn't know how they got there." haha
+ Tracey DOES live!
+ Keiko's mother helps her get away from police custody so she can find Bryce!
+ Omg! Dylan! wrote the formula on the mirror!!! O_O
+ "We have 23 minutes until the building goes..." - and we have also 23 minutes until the episode ends!!
+ Nicole crashes with her car - into water!
+ Isn't it weird to know what you're supposed to do and then you do it although you could do something else? LOL Like Simon who says, "I'm supposed to send Lloyd a text..." then he grabs his cell
+ And Lloyd calls Mark - how it's supposed to be!
+ Next blackout in April 2010!
+ Aw, Keiko and Bryce meet
+ Nicole gets rescued - not killed!
+ Janice's baby is fine - and a boy! Ha! :D
+ 10:14 pm?
+ Is Vogel one of the baddies?
+ I KNEW it! The next blackout would be THAT night!!!
+ BAMF Mark to the guy before he shoots him: "What did YOU see?"
+ Demetri wants to see his future this time!
+ Ah, no, she takes Janice!!
+ Future!Charlie!

OMG WTF!!!??? It can't end like this!!!!! O_O I demand a season 2!!!!

Such a great show, really! Argh, people don't know what's good anymore!

True Blood notes, finally. Although, I really think I'll watch this episode again. What? There's no new episode this weekend, and I need my Alex dose! *g*

+ Eric takes the bullet for the were!! Ah, ok because he knows something... but still... o.O
+ Ew Eric! [but AGAIN - like in my fic! Fuck! I should make money with that ability!]
+ Oh, Eric! *g* "I got your rug all wet." LOL
+ OMG! Bill and Lorena! LOL Nice Beel! *g*
+ Ah, see! "You ain't seen your son in thirty years..." So it IS Sam's dad, too!? But how then... o.O
+ Pam LOL: "Fangtasia, this better be good."
+ To be honest, Sam wearing that Merlotte's shirt - I could jump him right now! :P
+ Flashbacks! Bill's family!
But please, lose (a bit of) that beard! ;)
+ Bill changes sides (for Sookie)
+ Jason: Sookie and you (Tara) are like sisters. Well, Sookie is my sister..." Oh, Jason. LOL
+ THE CORVETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: *hears the horn* That's an awful sound for a Corvette... *sees the car for the first time* EEEEEEEEEKKK <3333333
But hell, Eric, just giving it away? No, no, no!
BUT btw, I wanna do Eric in that car... :P
+ "It's not you..."
"It's me, I know. If I got a nickle every time I... I'd have 15 cents." LOL Oh, Terry.
+ Franklin took Jessica's guy!
+ Sam with the gun! Guh!
+ Debbie... I loathe that name still/already. LOL
+ Oh my... Bill and Lorena... o.O Her... her head... *blink blink*


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Jul. 2nd, 2010 06:31 am (UTC)
Oh man...I wouldn't take money to make out with Alex either. Then again, I'd likely have a heart attack in the process and die. At least I'd die happy!
Jul. 2nd, 2010 01:14 pm (UTC)
TOTALLY!!! Omg I can't even... GUH! I mean, that man... I'd almost say it's totally mean that he is even in showbiz, so we got to know him now. I mean, just to know that a man like him - so HOT like him - exists, I almost can't take it! *swoons*
Jul. 2nd, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
well that gif certainly looks hot. I gotta admit that I never watched True Blood but I downloaded the first epi now and I'm gonna give it a chance..it could be a good thing to go through the summer break of TVD and SPN =)
Jul. 4th, 2010 07:43 am (UTC)
Oohooohooo!!! YES! It definitely is!!! :P Enjoy!
Jul. 2nd, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
OMG WTF!!!??? It can't end like this!!!!! O_O I demand a season 2!!!!
Such a great show, really! Argh, people don't know what's good anymore!

IKR?!? Still SO angry they axed it. :(
Jul. 4th, 2010 07:46 am (UTC)
Unbelievable, really!!
Jul. 3rd, 2010 02:47 pm (UTC)
That job seems kinda stressful ;D
Jul. 4th, 2010 07:54 am (UTC)
I have to say there are days when it's easier, or then more difficult.
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