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Serve, protect and don't screw up.

I think I found a way to catch up with my fanfics to-read... Yesterday, I saved some to Word on my computer and then when I was a little bored at night, I started to read them and finished to read six! And omg, I HAVE to rec two of them! So awesome!!

CSPAN Is Like Foreplay For Politicians by abrokencompass // RPS Alex Skarsgard/Stark Sands // NC-17
Summary: Stark finds some fanfiction about him and Alex - as in him and Alex as a couple - on the internet, and when he talks about it with Alex, the whole thing turns into something else...

And oh my... I'm usually not THAT much into RPS but wow, that was HOT! :P

If On a Winter’s Night a Fangirl by trinityofone // Supernatural Dean/Castiel & Chuck/Becky // R
Summary: “Chuck,” Becky said, slowly and carefully and very, very seriously. “I think someone is trying to communicate with us through the fanfic.”

The summary alone had me cracking up and the whole fic was HILARIOUS!!!

I'll definitely safe some more fics to the computer later. *g*

And talking about fanfic - I posted my gift!fic that I wrote for spn_hetexchange at my writing journal, here. It's Supernatural, Dean/Nancy and NC-17 (didn't want to make it NC-17 first, but got carried away LOL) and it's het obviously. opheliahyde, this one's for you! ;)

Andy arrests a lot of people. LOL

Her training officer, Shaw: She's a rookie.
Convict: It shows.
Shaw: *slaps him on the head* She caught you, didn't she?

And oh, I so knew that Dov's gun would go off in the barrell! haha
"Oh man, you're gonna have so much paperwork." *g*

I like it. Two episodes and yeah, really not bad. I'll keep watching. :)

1.03 - One Way Through

They try to did a tunnel - but there's a wall! Wtf?! o.O

Charlie killed his wife!? And then it was shown on a tv in that ghost town - and Bill saw it! o.O

A helicopter appears and they think they're being saved - but it just drops a box with littles boxes inside for each of them. Some contain gas masks... o.O

Omg! There's gas and they fight for the helmets but then it's the ones WITH the helmets who are in danger! O_O

And seriously?! The reporter, Mark, is Janet's ex-husband! Huh...

1.04 - Exit One

One will check out. o.O Doesn't sound good to me.

Janet gets out with a taxi and takes Joe with her. The taxi breaks down and a truck appears and crashes it, their driver's gone... wtf? o.O

I hope nothing happens between Janet and Joe, or I'll be furious. :P

Oh no, they slept in a house and when they wake up everything's full of bees - and Joe's allergic! How did they not see the beehive before??? Or how did it get in the house over night? o.O

In the end, Janet and Joe end up back in the town, ah damn! Where the hell are they?

And a new taxi arrives? Wtf? o.O Tori thinks it's her father behind all of it and goes with the taxi.

WTF!!!??? Joe is and insider!?!?!?!

Btw, 47, the "code", is this a special number or what? It had already a huge meaning on Alias. LOL

Something about Janet, what?... Ok, I'm a *bit* shocked. There was something about Joe that was odd, that he didn't say what he did for a living for example, but THAT! O_O

I'm still considering doing werewolfbigbang. Just had a look at the timeline. Sing-ups close on the 24th, and the final fics are due by the end of October, so I *might* manage to do that. :P But then something weirded me out... I looked at the people who signed up already and for "possible fandom", they wrote mostly "bandom". What? It's music, right? As in band? But what the heck...? The first two or three pages were ALL bandom! I kind of feel odd that my idea was to write about Twilight. o.O

Seriously, why are there no Gen fics anymore? Just a few days ago I talked with deviltrap about it. Some years ago, there was nothing but Gen, and really, I only knew that kind. Then slash hit me and it was a whole new thing, and then RPF/RPS. Let's don't even mention wincest or mpreg. o.O That's just not my piece of cake. Anyway, there really are so few Gen fics, or Het. Do people really hate that? I can't imagine, really.

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