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Click the pen!

Oh flist, finally!!! Today, I finally had time to go through my flist (500+ entries!) and load my shows etc. And then I also hear that new White Collar episodes are not far away?! Hell yeah! \o/ Now I really have enough to watch again, and more.

Sooo, my weekend was really good.
So, Friday was nothing special actually. Had to work that evening at the furniture house and when I got home at around 8:30 pm, there was nothing really I wanted to do, except to shower. It was so HOT! And still is! Damn...

So Saturday then, again, I had to work two hours until 10 am at the furniture house and at around 11 am, a friend, Manuela (the one who always says she wants to do something, but when I offer a date, she says she has other plans - always!) picked me up and we wanted to meet Helena for our Twilight marathon in the cinema. And as I had promised myself, I had a big bowl of salty popcorn (which was gone before the first movie was over, oops? LOL). But more about the movie(s) under another cut. ;)

After cinema, I wanted to go grab a bite next doors in the restaurant and before, Manuela had asked me if it was ok if she joined. Well, of course. BUT then even before the movies started, she already mentioned that she had plans with her family at another restaurant. First, I wanted to ask if she really was able to have dinner twice, but then I figured that she wouldn't join me in the end. And that's how it was. Typically. Right after the movies, she said how nice it was and - her typical stupid phrase - "We should do that more often", and off she went. *rolleyes*

So, I went with Helena and I had a burger. Her boyfriend Matthias joined us, too and they had ice cream. He then asked what our plans for the evening were and besides sweating in the heat, we had nothing really planned. So, he picked up another friend of his and we went to a bar which is about 30 minutes from here and we played billiard and had a really fun night. :)

I also talked to some cute guy but oh well, of course, he had a girlfriend. :-\ What else is new...? And at around 11 pm, Helena didn't feel so well, so we left and went home. I thought that maybe she should've eaten something, when she mentioned she hadn't since breakfast. But well, it was nice anyway. Got home at around midnight, watched some tv and tried to sleep then, but omfg! Suddenly, there were LOUD noises coming from a construction side (a few kilometers away but it sounds like they're in our garden). I glanced at the clock - it was fucking 9 in the morning! On a Sunday! WTF?! o.O I got up because there was no point in trying to sleep through it, plus, it was already too hot. Was groggy again at around 4 pm and tried to rest, but couldn't sleep until 6 pm and then I got up after an hour again. Went online and tried to read through my flist, but had to stop again because all of a sudden it was time for work again. *sighs* But thank god, I didn't have to spend the night in my room!

This morning, when I lay down, it was still/already 29°C in there. And when I woke up at around noon, it was already over 31. I got up then. Again, no point in lying in that heat. Everything was glued to my body, and it was just blegh! Now, with the ventilator in the living room... well, it's not really that much cooler. I hate this weather!!!

I saw my working schedule for this week and I think I have the whole Saturday off, so yay! Maybe I'll go out again. I guess, I need that, to talk to people, other people than at home, and have good laughs. Had plenty of those while playing (bad) billiard. LOL

Sooo... Twilight marathon! *g*
Wow! That's a new record for me - 7 hours in the cinema!!! *g* And every minute of it was so GREAT!!!

So, of course it started with the first movie and it was nice to see that again. Haven't in a long time. And then New Moon. I really noticed the characters' changes from the first movie then. Really nice. :)

Then, before Eclipse started, there was a raffle. They picked random ticket numbers and we could win something, from free cinema tickets to Eclipse posters. My number was called, too! And I won - ice cream! LOL But it was good, as it was so hot inside.
When the movie started, Helena whispered to me, "Maybe now they'll stay a bit more quiet than before" and I said, "Yeah, now we'll see something no one of us knows already". LOL

So about Eclipse (spoilers obviously!)

It was GREAT!!!! Though, like the other two, again it felt that the story was told too quickly, but maybe it felt that way because I know the book. Anyway, I thought it was even better than New Moon!

The Volturi were back, of course (FELIX!!!) and then there were the newborns, and I especially noticed Riley (Oh my hotness!!) and I kept thinking about the latest of Stephenie Meyer's book, "The short second life of Bree Tanner" and I thought she should write or should've written about him instead. Bree doesn't really have anything to do or say and she didn't last very long (thanks Felix) and Riley lived for over a year. Well, lived... that's relative. LOL More being the hunk of the undead. ;)

Then there were flashbacks which I LOVED! Of Rosalie and Jasper. And there was more Jasper/Alice and they got to kiss - for the first time that we saw it I believe, and Jasper/Bella and it was nice to see that it seems he can control himself around her now.

Lots of (half)naked Jacob - me likey!!! And ooooh, THE KISS!!! between Jacob and Bella, and it was so HOT in the book, I loved that scene! It was also great in the movie, but I still like the book scene more.
"With Jacob, I didn't have to be careful, and Jacob certainly wasn't being careful with me." Oh the hots! *g*

There was great action - vampires and werewolves chasing Victoria (btw, not Rachelle Lefevre, stupid, I hate it when they exchange actors) and then werewolves vs. newborns and with the Cullens of course, too, and Edward vs. Victoria and Seth (I LOVE Seth in the books!) vs. Riley (poor Riley). So yeah, really a great movie I think. I'd love to see it again soon. *g*

What I watched the other night was
I really enjoyed that!! And oh my, I totally forgot that Jake Abel was in that! Oh my Lord, he was so.hot.

I also laughed often, it was too funny! Like the scene when Percy and his mother are chased and his "protector"/friend puts off his pants and Percy sees his furr and he says, "You're half donkey?" - "No, I'm half goat." haha I loved it!

Definitely getting this on dvd, too.

A woman turns up, dressed like Tori, even with a wig - and Tori turns up - dead! - in a fountain! IN ITALY!

There are cameras everywhere - in the morgue and newspaper office, too!

A tv in the ghost town turns on again and well, I guess we know who does that now, but they show fake news, letting the others know that Tori's safe.

The new one, Erika - what a psycho bitch! o.O She's from prison where he'd been executed! O_O

Janet and Joe hug... is there more between them? He seems to do what he can to protect her.

Totally forgot that a new True Blood episode was on yesterday! *gasp* Loading now. Got so much to watch now. New True Blood, Rookie Blue, The Gates, Leverage (if I ever get to catch up with it :P) and I also loaded the pilot of Haven. Will check this out.

I also might have to get some writing done tonight. There are new challenges for spnland and I haven't done one, yet! Want to do at least the writing challenge which is due tomorrow. And also the new challenge at trueblood100. Oh and btw, my latest drabble won third place!! \o/

If I forgot anything now, I'll get back to you. ;)


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Jul. 12th, 2010 03:55 pm (UTC)
I think everyone has a friend like that lol. LETS HANG OUT! oh but I have plans so....and it's like er, okay lol.

That stinks about the construction. It's like when you're trying to sleep and your neighbors gardners showed up at 7am on a Saturday. But a couple of neighbors had some sort of mini-fight going on because one was having work done and the other kept making complaints. But their kids were playing drums at like midnight so the other people were like WE STARTED CONSTRUCTION AT 8AM AND IT'S TOO EARLY, BUT IT'S OKAY TO PLAY THE DRUMS LOUDLY AT MIDNIGHT?! And the drum people lost because you can't have loud noises going on after eleven if people are complaining while it's okay to have construction going on at eight in the morning lol.
Jul. 12th, 2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
Ha! Ok, I guess I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a friend like that. It can be really, really annoying!
Jul. 12th, 2010 04:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah, one of my friends keeps saying WE SHOULD HANG OUT! But it never happens. Like we were going to go Christmas shopping together and then she was like 'oh, I went shopping with my aunt yesterday so...' on the day we were going to go shopping. Everyone has that friend lol.
Jul. 12th, 2010 04:18 pm (UTC)
When we go out, it's nice usually, but it's a long way to that. LOL
Jul. 12th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
Sind die Volturi in Eclipse? Wenn nein, dann warte ich lieber, bis der Film auf DVD rauskommt. Oder noch besser: Blue Ray. Seit heute habe ich ja den Luxus von HD TV :))
Jul. 12th, 2010 04:49 pm (UTC)
Ja, aber im Grunde bloß Jane, Alec, Felix und Demetri, als sie sich auf den Weg nach Forks machen um da nach dem Rechten zu sehen. Die Ober-Volturi sind nicht zu sehen, erst wieder im nächsten Film.

Oh HD, cool. Vermutlich bis ich mir da nen TV und Receiver zulege, gibts schon wieder irgendwas anderes. LOL
Jul. 12th, 2010 08:37 pm (UTC)
Nöö, dann warte ich noch. Ich will Aro sehen. Hab gerade gesehen, dass er im 2. Teil des nächsten Filmes kommt...2. Teil? Ist das so wie bei Harry Potter, dass ein Buch in 2 Filmen auf die Leinwand gebracht wird?
Jul. 13th, 2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
Ja genau. Find ich auch gut so. Die könnten nie die Story des vierten Buchs in nur einem Film unterbringen.
Jul. 12th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Your weekend sounds lovely - minus the noises and the heat. ;D
Jul. 13th, 2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
LOL Yeah!
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