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You smell like the ocean in winter

Jesus! Flist, finally I get to update again! Wow! What a week! I made notes. LOL

+ It has been so damn HOT! Almost unbearable, really! But on Wednesday, we had a HUGE storm and wow, I have to admit I was even a little frightened. Thunder and lightning, it hasn't been that bad in years here! And there were a toasty 33°C in my room - and I had to close the window because of the strong wind! Hell! Literally! It was so hot and humid, bah!

+ And finally, there are new episodes of Grey's Anatomy (season 6) on tv, BUT because of the storm, I couldn't even finish watching it! Oh damn! Besides Flashpoint, that's the only thing I can watch and then I can't! Grrr...!

+ My brother is away over the weekend, well, he'll come back tomorrow already. He's somewhere near Stuttgart at a music festival.

+ Ringcon announced a new guest - Bruce Spence, who plays Zedd on Legend of the Seeker! On Twitter, I asked them, "How about Craig Horner, too?" :P

+ Got a new Muse CD and Nathanie Fick's book, "One Bullet Away", which we're reading at the moment for the book club at generation_kill. And omg, Nate Fick you BAMF! ILU! I'm 75 pages in and already love it!

+ Mine is an evil gift - it showed again! Thursday night at work, I realized that I must stop looking at the phone lists in the office. Somehow, I force alarms to go off that way. The day before, I saw the number of a supermarket and remembered that there was an alarm two weeks ago. - The same night and that Thursday night, it went off - 4 times!!! For the same object! o.O
Then, another building and in the list it said, when an alarm goes off there, someone has to drive there, immediately. And as my boss is on vacation, I wondered who to send then and bam! An alarm goes off! :P Had to call my boss then and wake her at 5 am. After that, I closed the folder. LOL

+ Finally, some thoughts about
+ ALCIDE!!! Shirtless Alcide!!!! *drools*
+ "Almost done." hehe Yeah, right, Sookie. I'd have stretched THAT moment too! :P
+ Aw, Beel you're mean!
+ "Oh my god, you're so warm." Ha! I bet! :P
+ "It's a Were thing. We run... hot." Oh my...
+ Eric comes flying! "Can all vampires fly?" - "Can all humans sing?"
+ I love it how Sookie makes Eric smile.
+ "You smell like the ocean in winter." Jesus!! Fuck!
+ Oh, it's Eric's dream!!! Sookie gets to him [AGAIN like in my bigbang! Fuck, I'm great! LOL]
+ Cooking breakfast in a wok pan. Cute, Alcide! *g*
+ Cuter - then he buys a real pan!
+ Jessica works for Sam!
+ Eric saves Lafayette - and omfg how hot does he look in that blazer!!!!!
+ "Brother-cousins" LOL
+ Shit, Debbie Pelt. I already hate her. Again. LOL No. Still! haha Bad taste Alcide. Bad taste.
+ Omg! He's threatening Eric to kill Pam! Eric's face!!
+ Damn, Bill does look good in that shirt... Just sayin'. :P
+ Oh, German again!! :D
+ Oh, all are shifting!
+ "9 Crimes" at the end is a great new version of the song. One of my favorite songs ever btw. ;) Before True Blood even. ;)

Have today off and wanted to do something special but now I don't really feel up to something. Probably, I'll just have some wine later and watch a movie or so. But it's good to have at least one day off. And even if it was only one hour that I had to work at the furniture house yesterday, or usually Saturday morning, it's still work and I think about work the whole day. Now, with a day off, it's easier not to think about it, of course, which is nice for a change.

Oh, White Collar! Still have to watch this, too! I just remembered! Wanted to, first, last night, but then it was so hot that I could use the laptop only as long as the battery lasted. It wouldn't charge because it run so hot! Crazy!


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Jul. 17th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
OMG THE HEAT IS HORRIBLE WHERE I AM TO. But there was no thunder storm or anything, just rain(which was odd). But that must have sucked baking away and not even being able to have the window open lol.

It must be your superpower lol.
Jul. 18th, 2010 12:07 am (UTC)
It's a bit cooler now, after the rain. Feels much better, but I think another heatwave is not far away.
Jul. 18th, 2010 10:07 am (UTC)
*rofl That's a nice gift of yours ;D
Jul. 18th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
Isn't it? I should make money with it somehow. :P
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