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I just wrote some thoughts and quotes that I liked in the book in the discussion post over at generation_kill and thought I could copy and post here, as well. Btw, I so love the title of our book club - "GK BOOK CLUB: BAMFS DISCUSSING BAMFS". hehehe We're totally badass and Nate Fick is as well, no doubt about that!

I ordered my book kind of late. It arrived only Wednesday, but then Thursday night, during work, I managed to read the first 75 pages nevertheless. ;) And wow, I enjoyed it much. Already after the first passage, I thought, "Damn you Nate Fick, you BAMF sob!" :P

"Staring through the wire mesh at the bright day, I thought this must be what it's like on the ride to Sing Sing.
I wondered why I was on that bus."
(page 4)

"There was no longer a place in the world for a young man who wanted to wear armor and slay dragons."

First, that kind of reminds me as if it's something from Brad Colbert's mouth. LOL
And second,... He wanted more and was brave enough to go through with it. That's admiring, I think.

And oh, what made me smile widely was, when he mentioned that his father was based in Germany. And "Fulda Gap", that's not very far from where I live. The town Fulda and surrounding, it's only like 60 km from my place. *eek*

"Whereas the other services listed their benefits, the Corps asked, "Do you have what it takes?" If I was going to serve in the military, I would be a Marine." (page 5)

Fuck, THAT gives me the hots! :P Proves again that he's a BAMF!

"Your men will follow you through the gates of hell if they trust you truly care about them." (page 22)

Made me think of one scene from the show: Brad to Nate - "I trust your judgment, sir." ;)

And Nate was only 23 when he got his first platoon to command! I can't even imagine having such a responsiblity at 23! o.O Guess, I'm just not that kind of person, leader person I mean.

"Rudy's demeanor in this gung-ho world was so decidedly nonmilitary that his platoon-mates called him "the Associate"." (page 70)

RUDY!!! haha I can so imagine!!

It's really amazing to read all this from Nate's POV. I flinched inside when he wrote about 9/11 and where he was and what he was doing that moment. And without a doubt they all knew what it meant for them, instantly. :-\

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