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There's nothing new, except someone new

First of all, I wanted to spread the word about a new comm dealing with all things Asylum conventions. Since asylum_con closed a few days ago, raths_kitten opened a new community for the fans to provide info etc. Here it is: asylum_atlj 
I think it's a pity that the old one closed. My first reaction was, "Wtf, where am I getting all the info from now?" because I really don't want to join the forum and someone mentioned they don't always update their Twitter, so, where to go? I hope all of us Asylum goers will turn the new comm into something great with lots of info and tips about the cons. :)

On other news... it's after 5 am and I haven't slept yet. It really seems that I can't sleep at night anymore. Weird how fast my body adjusted to the work at night. Now it's Saturday already. Don't think I'll do much today, and this evening, I have to work again for an hour. And that would be my second day of the "weekend", which means it's over already again. Sunday it's my mother's birthday, so again, not much time to relax or anything and then I have to go into my night shift again. *sighs* It really wears me out, I notice. The last couple of days have only been work - sleep - eat (if) - work. Boss is still on vacation, I think until Sunday, and now another colleague is, too. No one is in the office during the day anymore, and the security guy at the furniture house told me that they'd need extra security on Sunday, because they have some special opening, whatever - but no one knows about it in the office. The colleague who's on vacation now, too, told me the other day that she'll have a talk with the boss about the whole thing. They just kind of vanished into their vacation without really planning anything. So not good. I mean they can't just leave and then expect us, the ones NOT in charge, to plan everything. I'll only show up there if they call me and ask me to come. It's not my business, it shouldn't concern me. ...But it kinda does. I keep thinking about the job and what I could do to help. When there's an alarm, I kind of want to know the outcome, too, whether it was just a false one or not, though it shouldn't bother me. Well, I guess that's just how I am. *shrugs*

Finally watched True Blood! Oh my Viking!!!!!!! :P That's all to sum it up! LOL
+ Talbot and Franklin crack me up! "Psycho fugly fuck!" LOL
+ Oh my guh - THAT dark red shirt on Eric! PLUS that HOT jacket again! *drools*
+ Bill: Sookie is no longer mine.
Eric: Huh...
- THAT says it all! ;)
+ Oh my... shirtless Alcide... :P
+ And once again... Oh Jason! LOL
+ Lafayette and Jesus *g* And Lafayette just doesn't get it, aw!
+ Jason, would you please come and wash my car, too... :P
And the sunglasses - holy hotness!!!
+ Omg, Franklin IS a psycho! o.O
+ Sam helping his family so much... I don't think it's gonna end well for Sam. :-\
+ I love Jason being so cute to Crystal!
+ OMG! THAT (tight) shirt on Eric!!!!
+ Oh, he knows Lorena?! o.O
+ JEEEZ!!! AND THOSE JEANS!!!!! It's a crime that he's so handsome!
+ Hearing him say "Viking" makes me hyperventilate!
+ OMG! Flashbacks! His father's crown?!
+ Me - Grab a sword! Grab a sword! GRAB. A. SWORD.
He - *grabs a sword*
Me - *eek*
+ "You are king." Oh jesus!!
+ Was that Russel?? Is he older than Eric? o.O
+ Oh, Sookie's ability again

Kind of so isn't like in the book, is it? o.O

And btw, TOO LITTLE ERIC!!! I demand MORE!!!!!

Rookie Blue was so good again!
Chris and Dov in the suits - oh my... *g*

Andy forgot to put the clip in! O_O

Aaand, it's getting light outside. Time to go to bed. LOL My brother already calls me Daywalker! haha

Btw, LJ has a new tags thingie! I might like it. Might... have to get used to it I think.

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