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Two down...

...one to go.

Really quickly, I've just written my stories for spn_las and tvd_las, still need an idea for twilight_las though. I don't want to use my "skip" already, not at the first challenge.

It's almost 11 pm already and I should go to bed soon. :-\ But I want/need to finish this tonight, so I'll keep thinking.

What totally made my night were new pics of Matt Schulze, btw, posted earlier by raynedanser 

Filming The Fast and The Furious 5

♥ ♥ ♥

I love this man so much! Can't wait to have him back in the movie! It wasn't the same without him. And yay for the dark hair again! <33

And I only just now, after looking at the pic for the third time, I noticed the scars on his right arm - from Vince's accident in the first movie! *g*

Posted a little while ago:


So, one little Twilight story and I'm off to bed. Hopefully the day will be over quickly and I'm also hoping for this little phone call that might save me from more.

Also, is it hot or did Matt make me hot (which might be the most plausible explanation), or maybe it's my cold, but wow, I'm hot!

Oh, btw, I FINALLY GOT MY GIFT FROM spn_hetexchange!!! It's Mary-centric, Mary/John, Dean/Lisa and I like it much! It's very sweet! I almost already thought that the person who I got assigned to, stepped out of the exchange - just my luck! - but I'm really glad that I got something in the end anyway. :)

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