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Oh *thud* My *thud* God *thud*

I think I'm dead. It's been such a long week!!!
+ People try to buy newspapers from me. What?

+ My colleague talked to the boss the other day. Seems like I really have to do this info job thing at least until the end of this month. No word about the new girl.
My colleague also agreed with me that it's tough to do this 60-hours/6 days alone, so she said to the boss they should try and schedule that I have at least one day off in the week, and not just Sunday.
*sigh* Is it September yet? *

+ Funny thing - this song started playing over the speakers... "And I just wanna make love to you..." and then I spotted him - Mr. Cute Guy, working at the P&C store next to my booth! *g* Nice! There are many cute guys anyway, but it hurts to see them hand in hand with their girls. Me wants, too. :(

+ Funny thing #2 - I usually talk to English speaking customers daily, but yesterday, I had a French family! My teacher would be so proud. :P I could say that I speak a bit of French and they tried to ask where a swimming pool is. I didn't understand this one word they said first, so I said, or well, I made a face like o.O, and then the man made swimming movements. LOL Then the woman said a much more complicated and longer sentence and THAT I understood. Uh, yeah, my brain Ladies and Gents. But I didn't know where there's a swimming pool nearby, so I said I don't know and they went away. Sorry guys, welcome to Germany. :P

+ Who wants to have their future told? - I really am psychic! Two days ago, a boy got lost and we were looking for his mother. He kept saying he wasn't lost and said he lived not far away and he was sure his mother said he should come home, but I wasn't sure to just let him go, through the City and all. He was only 8. Well, we couldn't reach his mother; she wasn't in the center anymore and he didn't know his phone number, nor her cell phone number, so in the end, he just walked home.
Then yesterday, I kept thinking, what if she shows up and asks something like, "What did you do with my son?" - and then she really showed up AND ASKED THAT!!! LOL But more in an amusing mood. haha

When will I win the lottery? When am I going to marry Alex Skarsgard? Will our children have his good looks and my gift? o.O

+ "At the opera tonight" - More afternoon but yeah. All of a sudden, today, I heard opera-like music through the center and looked around. I was expecting a flashmob or something. But then I realized it was coming from a woman walking by! o.O People stopped and looked around as well, and some asked what it was; they expected a show, too. LOL
People, I'm telling you. *rolleyes*

+ "Darling"-woman keeps giving me weird stuff. Two days ago, it was a sausage. Yesterday, half of a Feta cheese, and today she wanted to give me half of her bread! But I said no, I mean, I can't throw away that much food. It's against my nature to do so, but I also don't want to eat HER stuff, you know? I don't know her. She's strange.

+ Did I tell you about the driving licence from Florida the other day? The next day, I had a Turkish one in my hands, and later another one from the US, Wisconsin this time. So cool. ;)

*News: I HAVE a day off! Monday!! Yay! So that means I have two days off in a row, thank god!

I'm thinking about spending tomorrow, Sunday, at the cinema. You're talking so well about Inception (although in the papers talked badly about it *shrugs*), so I want to see that, and maybe Letters to Julia, because this cute guy from Kings is in it. ;)
So, whether I'm going or not depends on whether I'm alive awake enough and in the mood. Normally, I'd say I want this day to catch up on LJ, do some challenges on spnland / definitely-dead, and I also have to read and vote on LAS stories, but maybe I'll do that tonight.

Also, my favorite aunt is visiting and I can only see her Sunday for a short time until she's leaving again. :(

Today, I've been to the candy store in the shopping center. They also have the original Jelly Beans! I bought some. Have never had them, but always wanted to try. :)

Why the hell was it so hot today? Two days ago, I had the heater turned on in my room and now it's almost 30°C again and the vent is on!! o.O

I really think it's time for bed really soon. *yawns* But now with two days off in a row, I'll have time to catch up a bit on the internet. Yay!


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Aug. 21st, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
you should definitely see inception its a great movie. i've seen it like 3 times already. its long though so be prepared.
you work a lot of hours, only one day off a week?! that would kill me i don't know if i could do that ha.
Aug. 21st, 2010 11:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I work from Monday-Saturday, from 9:30 am - 8:00 pm. Plus, an one hour drive to and back. I usually come home at around 9 pm, then I eat and go to bed, because six hours later, the alarm goes off again. *sighs* Thank god, I'm only helping out. They want to keep me there because they say I do a great job. Well, that's really nice to hear, but I just can't do that 6 days a week.
Aug. 22nd, 2010 08:34 am (UTC)
Having the Monday off seems like a great news, at least you'll be able to rest a little while longer. Plus not working on Mondays is one of the best things ever.

All those stories from work are amusing, but I think my favorite is the opera-like music one. Eheh.
Aug. 22nd, 2010 02:35 pm (UTC)
hehe Yeah, I agree, Mondays suck! :P They did when I went to school and they still do. LOL
Aug. 22nd, 2010 02:19 pm (UTC)
Yay for Monday off, and have fun at the cinema ;D
Aug. 22nd, 2010 02:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks, thanks, I'm sure I will. :)
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