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A change of plans

Boss called. She mentioned something that the shopping mall ended their contract to the end of December and that the new girl already mentioned that now, it's not worth for her to work there (Which is stupid if you ask me. Each day that I have a job, is a good day for me!). So, no one knows whether she'll come to work tomorrow, or not. Meaning: I'm staying home tonight, no nightshift, and I'll be ready tomorrow morning and I'll wait for my boss to call, and then I'll have to go to the mall tomorrow. If she doesn't call, I'll just have the day off. Fine by me. :P

I told her that I have a cold (and aw, how nice, she immediately said that I could've told them and then I also wouldn't have had to do the nightshift. But it never was THAT bad, and a simple cold is no reason for me to stay home, although I would've loved to. Yeah, I know I'm too good for this world. Too nice. LOL) And yesterday, I already talked with my family about the job at the mall, that I wouldn't be up for it, because I could barely talk. But it's better today and tonight, I'll take Wick Medi Night which always helps me! I'll be as good as new tomorrow, I'm sure. But of course, I'm hoping that no one will call, so I'll have the day off. hehe

I'll get up early anyway, just to be ready. But I really think this reaction from the new girl to the situation is idiotic. She should be happy to have a job NOW, and she still would have three months to look for something new, if she got fired then. But she was weird in the beginning already. On her first day, she already complained that the working hours are too long and she wanted more money. And in her lunch break, she went around the mall and looked if other shops were hiring. *rolleyes*

Anyway, her problem, not mine. The ending of the contract has no influence on my job (I think, as I'm usually just working the night shift), and I'm happy to help them if I can. Call me slimy, but I'm sure, it gives a good impression. ;)

On a sidenote: Argh, my nose is completely shut, I can't breathe!

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