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Work tomorrow. Meh. Still not feeling very good, but well, if I gotta do it, I'll do it. But they shouldn't be surprised though if I feel worse again next week. I often enough told them that I'm not feeling up to it. *sighs*

Got not much to tell today, so let's move on to the shows.

+ Emma's flyers again! LMAO!
- I still breastfeed... but how old IS too old?
- Proper wiping: Easy as 1-2-3
And my favorite: - Wow, there's hair down there!
+ Hi John Stamos
+ Britney Spears! On the show! Please, Britney, you can't act, don't ruin my shows for me.
+ Brittany as Britney was AWESOME! And I'd also say... hot! :P
+ Is Kurt wearing a skirt?! o.O
+ Quinn and Puck are really quiet in this episode...
+ "I wanna be that hat!" - "Mr. Shu, let me be your Britney!" - "Mr. Shu, I want your baby!"


What do the Fae have to hide, because Dyson and Bo can't or shouldn't be together? Or, what do they know about Bo, that might make her turn against them?

Dyson turning into a wolf, Kenzi: "Holy Shitballs! That was AWESOME!"

I surely don't mind seeing Dyson throwing his clothes off more often. ;)

And as it's the LT's bday, aka Stark Sands' - Happy Birthday! <3

Edit: Oh, one more thing that had me flailing like a flailing fangirl! *g*
Dear God, I'm thanking you for putting Jensen in that black t-shirt again!! *swoons*

Plus, that's Jensen's directing debut! I'm excited!

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