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Lay down beside me

I felt like utter shit this morning! Last night, I was so well that I asked my brother if he was up to Chinese food - and what a question, of course he was. So I went to town and got yummy yummy stuff. Everything was alright. I had no troubles sleeping or whatever. I woke up and as it was still early, I watched The Vampire Diaries and still, I was pretty good. Until I went down to take my meds. Then it started. I felt so nauseous and then I even... yeah, well, in the bathroom. :-\ TMI I think. Anyway, after that, I felt better, even ate a bit lunch and then I made myself a cup of tea. Now, I'm feeling good again, but wth that was, I have no idea! Maybe I should take a break with taking meds.

Five more days until it's RingCon time! \o/ And in four day I'll leave and meet up with deviltrap. Can't believe how fast the time went. Only four more days! Wow! And I still got so much to do! I have to work at the mall the next three days and I only come home at around 9 pm - when do I pack?! I wanted to update my iPod, which I still might do later. At the moment, I'm busy loading my shows - which I also want to watch! Merlin and Supernatural most definitely!!

And The Vampire Diaries was oh so good again!!

+ Uuh, Mason tells Tyler how he got the curse - Flashbacks!! Yay! - "All it takes is an accident. Any death at your hands and you're gonna have a lifetime of this. You don't want this, trust me, Tyler."
+ I loved this scene with Stefan and Damon! "Thank you, Damon, because we don't have enough problems."
+ Omg! Mason tells the Sheriff that the Salvatores are vampires!!
+ Oh, vervaine spiked lemonade
+ Omg! Stefan and Damon get shot [btw, didn't it exactly look like back in 1864? ;)] and injected with vervaine!
+ Oh, Caroline, you're so cool!
Caroline: I can take you.
Mason: Wanna bet?
Caroline: Yeah, I do.
+ Wow, when Liz finds out about Caroline!
+ Liz: My daughter's gone.
Damon: You don't know how wrong you are about that.
See, Damon can be nice! ;)
+ Oh, Stefan wants to drink human blood, a little every day, to build a tolerance to it! And then Elena gives him HER blood! I ♥ them so much!!!
+ KATHERINE!!! Omg! I'm sure she made Mason's friend think that he's hitting on his girlfriend, so he would attack Mason! What is her plan!!??
And wow, that kiss in the car!
1. Lucky, lucky Nina... Paul, Ian and now Taylor!
2. Taylor Kinney is HOT HOT HOT! Trufax!

I'm really considering writing for apocabigbang and I'm already thinking about which fandom I could send into an apocalypse. LOL And - I'm shocking myself - I think I want to write something different than Supernatural, which would be kind of too easy to use. ;)
I had a look through the comm and found a... well, weird? fic. Maybe the weirdest thing... like maybe ever - an apocalyptic fic for - wait for it - Winnie the Pooh!! o.O I'm not saying that it's a bad fic, I haven't read it, but it's just... the thought! LOL


Oct. 10th, 2010 05:07 pm (UTC)
When have they not been great, yes, but now it's even better! :D

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