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Work tomorrow. *sighs* Tried talking with the boss today, about the center job in the middle of my nightshift, which is not good, as I mentioned, but she wasn't in the office and the colleague said that she would call me back. Not yet, anyway. We'll see.

Spent my day watching - yay! - Supernatural! From last week! Yeah, finally! And also last night, I watched six episodes from my shows. AND I finally!!! finished the fifth Blood Ties book by Tanya Huff!! I've only been reading it since July. *rolleyes* Damn, mall. I got no time for anything. So it was a good night.

So, Jensen's directing debut. I don't really know how to judge whether he did a good job or not, but if it counts when I say that I absolutely LOVED that episode, then he did a GREAT job! :D

+ THE contract! That's wow how it appeared on Bobby's arms!
+ Yeah, Bobby trapping Crowley in the devil's trap. "I hope that's paint."
+ Cute, Bobby still has dial-up! *g*
+ "Balls!" Oh Bobby! *g*
+ What's in the box?! Uh, bag?
+ Crowley - King of Hell!!! O_O
+ Bobby has an admirer! Cute when he checked his breath.
+ Demon: Help me! Somebody help me!
Bobby: Stupid horror flicks. Guilty pleasure.
Marci: I love scary movies. Have you seen "Drag me to hell"?
Bobby: Trying to avoid it.
+ Even if Marci turns out to be a demon or something, white chocolate popcorn sounds awesome! ;)
+ "Got a shovel?" - Better! Bobby has a digger! "Man, I know what I want for Hanukkah."
+ And we learn that a wood chipper can replace a blessed bamboo dagger, or any other weapon! ;)
+ Wow at Bobby's speech to the boys!
+ Sam and Dean going international! Ha!
+ Ooooh, burning the bones! Of course that works. It's Hunting 101!
+ Oh, right, Dean and flying. Nice that they didn't forget.

Omg, I love that episode! I ♥ Bobby! And I totally ♥ Jim!!!

+ Puck in jail and Sam joins Glee Club
+ Mike Chang has a voice! *g*
+ Rachel and Finn are getting weirder and weirder! o.O
+ Sam/Quinn are kinda cute

"Don't you have pie in Germany?" - "We have Strudel."


Devon Sawa!! First, I thought, "wow, who's that hottie?", and then I thought that maybe it's the hoody that made me hot. :P (I kinda like that on a cute man) But then the name appeared! Omg! I so didn't recognize him! When did he get so hot?! :P


It was kinda obvious that he gets shot in the end. Cute guys always get shot and die. But - he didn't die! Yay! Does it mean that he could be back? I'd like that. :)

When Thom kissed Alex (btw, grrrr!), and she backed away, I only thought that I so wouldn't have any problems with kissing him. *g*

Btw, today, I officially signed up for apocabigbang. What else. :P


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Oct. 22nd, 2010 06:16 pm (UTC)
Yea, that ep of SPN was excellent.
Oct. 22nd, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
Very excellent. ;)
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