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Don't open. Dead inside.

I just came back from dinner with a friend where I had way too much food, but it was good. And now I'm watching Pet Cemetery. Why the hell am I doing that? I haven't seen it in a looong time - and I remember why. Gosh, it's creepy! o.O

Too creepy. o.O *shivers*

Moving on. Tomorrow, there's another food fest and then my weekend is almost over again. I have no idea though if I have to work tomorrow's nightshift. Usually, yes, but I think my colleagues at the shopping mall expect me to work at the mall on Monday, but I haven't heard anything official from the office. So, if I went to the nightshift and they told me that I had to work Monday at the mall, well that would be bad, as I'm on my nightshift schedule. Well, I'll see.

In a few minutes I'll watch Supernatural and probably Merlin, when I find a link that works. Supernatural will help me calm down from watching Pet Cemetery. Again, why am I watching this?

+ Who's that vampire that took Elena...? He might be hot. Just sayin'. :P
+ Omg! That's Supernatural's Bela!
+ Elijah... new baddie?!
+ Uhm... Jeremy and Elena are not blood-related, so technically Bonnie's spell can't work, right?
+ I see Roanoke on that map. Supernatural clue #2. *g*
+ Stefan confronts Damon about his feelings for Elena! *g*
+ "The blood of the doppelganger breaks the curse." O_O
+ Poor Damon - again - when Stefan tells him he's started drinking from Elena
+ Aw, and then when they had saved Elena and she smiles and Damon smiles - but she meant Stefan and hugs him and aw Damon's face!
+ Omg! Best moment - when Stefan apologizes to Damon for making him turn into a vampire, 145 years ago!!!
+ I like the Caroline/Tyler scenes!
+ Klaus... where have I heard... OMFG! I know him from the books! Omg! That's gonna be wow!
+ Omg! Damon tells Elene that HE LOVES HER!!! And then he makes her forget everything!!! Omg! He even cries! Omg!!!
+ Shit! Elijah's still alive! Also something you learn on Supernatural - always behead and burn! ;)

Also, why can't this show be on more than once a week?! I'm loving this season!

+ Omg! Thom killed someone! O_O Oooh, and that makes him an agent!!
+ I'm dying... Ashton in a suit, fiddling with his tie - that's so HOT!
+ Argh, Alex gets to kiss him again!
But I have to say I kinda like this, secretly in love while within Division, where their every step is being watched.

I really like this! Really! And that is so... damn! Another show I'll have to follow now! :P And Norman Reedus is supposed to be in this for a few episodes. Can't wait!

The quiet in the beginning was the scariest! Seriously! I was holding my breath!

This must be one of THE worst nightmares - waking up in an abandoned hospital, flickering lights and the place trashed. o.O

"Don't open. Dead inside." O_O

When he took the bycicle... OMG! IT was still moving! I watched this with a face like this: O_O

Already making out with your partner's wife, ts, ts...

When I first heard the horse, I thought, please no zombie horse! LOL

Holy... O_O When he came around the corner and there were hundred! And is it me or are those in the City moving faster... Poor pony! :-\

I definitely LIKE THIS! Will keep watching!

Short note on Criminal Minds that was just on tv - Awww! Poor Hotch!!! :(


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Nov. 7th, 2010 03:31 pm (UTC)
I just watched The Walking Dead too and also loved it. I was impressed with how graphic the gore was for a non-HBO TV show.

Another show I'll have to follow now! :P

Nov. 7th, 2010 07:27 pm (UTC)
Yes! When I first heard about it I thought it was a movie, but really well done for a tv series!
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