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I'm the safest psychotic bitch in town

I don't even know what icon to use! I'd love to make a new entry for each fandom, so I can use a related icon each time. But I won't spam you that much. ;)

Soooo much I caught up with and I actually played with the thought not to make entries about it, but then, why did I make notes in the first place?

Just a quote I loved. *g*

Chinese guy, when he doesn't want to cooperate (after he spoke English perfektly before): No speaky ingrish.
Danny: What did you say?
Chinese guy: No speaky ingrish.
Danny: Oh, but I see you can writy ingrish. I found your website.


Oh, and Sidney breaking up with Jamie - surprised me! (How could she?! He's so hot and cute and omg Jamie take me! Take me!! :P)

+ King & Queen ♥ (And btw, I totally sat on Arthur's throne!!! Fangirl moment!!!)
+ Oh, oh! Uther sees Arthur and Gwen!... and he laughs about it. o.O
+ Arthur confesses that he loves Gwen! ♥
+ Aw, Arthur gripping Uther's sleeve - the son begging his father, not the Prince and King...
+ So great that I was there when they filmed such an awesome episode!!!
+ Such a great scene when Gwen is found guilty and Arthur gives up the throne, oooh and Gwen sees Morgana's evil smirk!
+ LOL at Merlin - "I ache all over."
+ Dragoon the Great - LMAO And his face when he had to think about a name and his... plan! LOL
+ Oooh, I remember that scene on the yard! *eek* and oooh, there at 37:14 minutes on the left, there's "my knight" (well, when we took the picture he was a knight of Camelot *g*) Alain *g*
+ Gwen: Your place is here in Camelot.
Arthur: My place is with you. ♥

Also, the preview looked good again!! The tournament scene that I missed being filmed, but hello Harry Potter guy. ;)

Thomas calls Sophia "mother". o.O And Simon survived the collapse of the building. He's in the hospital - they're finding out about him I'm sure. ...Or not. o.O Well, good, because I like Simon. ;)

So, the aliens are looking for a way home, a portal.

O_O The bad guys who took Laila's sister Samantha also took other girls - but they're like... old... in young girls' bodies! Wtf!? O_O

2.08 - Company Man

Peter undercover. I guess he could get used to it - coffee, Italian blend. *g*

Neal: "I think you missed your calling. Tiny cups, big office, expensive suit; don't fight your instincts, Peter, embrace your true self." *g*

LOL at myself! In the beginning when I saw Neal wearing a clip on his tie, I thought, oh that's special, might come in handy sometime. - And then he's using it to unscrew the screws in the elevator! *g*

Peter finally tells Nate that he has the music box! Well, Neal finds out and confronts him. And Nate puts in the missing piece and they're about to open it. - And the episode ends! O_O Omg! Good thing, I don't have to wait and go right on... ;)

2.09 - Point Blank

Peter still works with Diana behind Neal's back?! They know Neal wants Fowler down and they know he's the bad guy, so why don't they just work together?? Is there more to it?

Mozzi trying to decipher the music code: "Unless GLARVENDKKGLL means something to you, then it's still just noise." LOL

Fowler had Kate's plane explode!!

... And the other way around - Neal working with Alex!

Neal "flying" into Fowler's room - awesome! It was time he pulled something like that again! *g*

What? What? Kate worked with Fowler?! O_O

The Chinese guy figured it out...

OMG! MOZZI!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

First of all, I want to say that I'm surprised myself that I'm still watching this show, as it STILL doesn't have a clear storyline - or am I just not seeing it? But every week I'm really looking forward to it and I LOVE the songs and performances!!! :D

+ Welcome back Puck!
+ Quinn: While making out, he said it - Beiste.
Sue: That is THE most horrific image I can imagine.
Quinn: I'm doing everything I can... Dating the cutes guy at school...
Sue: Who would rather be dry-humping she-hulk.
+ Aw, Kurt! ♥ I like you just the way you are!
+ Omg! He and the football jerk!!! I guess it#s like they say, when they make fun of you, they care, or something...
On a sidenote: I guess then the whole school must've loved me...
+ "It's the simplest thing, a kiss. It's the doorway to everything else. Promise, hope, a future with someone." I hear ya... :(
+ WILL KISSES HER!!!!! Ha! I would've loved for him to be my first kiss, too. :P "And now you've been kissed." Aw!

Dyson and the punching bad - shit, that's HOT!

Ok, THAT's what I call a HOT start of an episode! :P

"Holy shit! Smells like fried bitch!" ;)

I wouldn't walk through the woods. I mean I'm not doing it now, but in a zombie apocalypse? Hell no! o.O

I got a bit nauseous when they hacked the walker in pieces and smeared blood and intestines on themselves. o.O

Awesome show! *g*

Finally I finished season 1 - and I'm glad there's a season 2. I like this show! The characters are likable. Great!

1.07 - Hot and bothered

Dov helping the baby being delivered - too cute!

Annie shooting a guy! Her first, right?

Annie and Swarek - had to come to this! ;)

1.13 - Takedown

Eric Johnson + bullet proof vest = ♥

I guess Jerry only realized what he'd lost when Tracey got back with her ex. ;)

Hm... I think I'm losing interest in the show. :-\ How many episodes are there anyway?

+ Michael had a family?!?! Oh, and when they were killed Division recruited him!
+ Michael and Nikita working together. Hm... I wonder how much handler and how much of himself he'd been to her...
+ "Tall, smokey voice, sexy..." - That's Michael alright. ;)
Btw, what is it with hot men in black t-shirts - makes them even hotter!
+ Alex: Did you find Michael?
Nikita: Yes, but then I lost him.
I interpret it as Nikita wants him to turn on Division as well.

+ Aah! So Katherine had a child before she was turned! I suspected it but wasn't sure. With Katherine you can never know. ;) Who's the father? Elena's ancestor?! I can already smell a WOAH! moment coming.
+ In 1492, Rose helped Katherine escape from Klaus, gave her her blood to heal from injuries - and then Katherine killed herself! "Klaus needed a human doppelganger." O_O
+ Lucca - new player in town? ...A witch! Uh, warlock!
+ Katherine made Caroline because she needs her for the spell!
+ Btw, who is Rose's friend? Cute friend I might add? :P And funny. *g* "Mystic Falls. God, I've got to visit this place. It sounds awesome." *g*
+ Damon and Rose, huh...
+ Wow, Elijah compelled Slater! O_O Oh no! He makes him stake himself! :( And woah! Lucca's father is behind it, too! I knew I didn't like him!

+ What? o.O "Tell him daddy loves him. He humps him." LOL
+ Please let it be werewolves. I can't deal scary horror dogs. o.O
+ Who's writing this? Dean says "I've seen/done this/that in my time..." quite often lately.
+ Alpha-Were?
+ Sleeping Dean ♥
+ Sam just standing there, watching the house - is that hot or what? :P
+ So cute, Dean talking to the dog aka Skinwalker and Sam laughs. "What? Soul or not, that's funny." Oh yes, it is. *g*
+ I love hearing Jared say "kinky". That's kinky. *g*
"Do you like to play with your food? Roll over, Lucky. Speak!"
"Go to hell!"
"Already been. Didn't agree with me." *g*
Omg, who knew? I LOVE soulless Sammy! ♥ :P
+ Sleeper-Skinwalkers... Sleeper cell! There! Dean says it! Ha!
+ Sam throws a ball. Dean: "Sam, not helping." LOL
+ Uuh, a sniper rifle! Jeez, that's gonna look HOT on Dean! :P ... Reminds me of The End...? .... JFC!!! *dies* I was so right!!! *makes noises* + TONGUE PORN!!!!!!!

Also, I got no notes after that, so see what it did to me? Jeez...

1.07 - Digging the dirt

Haven't watched it in a while but finally catching up. Forgot how hot Dylan is and I've missed his accent. *g* And look, he's even prettier in black/white! :P

+ What is it with Devon's tea? ...It gives her control over people!?
+ Vampire blood, eyes of a werewolf and skin of...? Devon is casting a spell!
+ Brett finds out about Andy - and shows her he's different too!

1.08 - Dog eat dog

+ I like Brett and I like Andy/Charlie, but then Brett/Andy are cute, too... And then, Brett/Andy want to "test" how far she can go with him...
+ Ooh, Christian wants Claire, but she wants to stay with Dylan (I can understand), so he bites her against her will - and this breaks the bond between Claire and Dylan!
+ Lucas defeated his father - that makes him alpha of the pack! And he'll be challenged by others though and might be killed!
+ Dylan kidnapped Christian and removes his sunscreen! And the sun comes up... O_O

1.09 - Identity Crisis

+ Lee confesses something to Nick, that she's different too...? "I needed to start over. My ex boyfriend ripped my heart out." ... Uhm, literally??? o.O
+ Christian is still alive!! O_O

1.10 - Little girl lost

+ Dylan crying <3 And Jesus, he's wearing that black shirt again!

+ Brett: "Andy's sick. When we kiss, it makes her better." - Ha! Yeah, I bet!
+ Andy tells Charlie what she really is! But Charlie doesn't really believe her and rejects her!
+ Flashbacks! How Emily came to Dylan and Claire - Claire killed her parents! O_O
+ I can't believe they're letting Christian go! Claire stakes him!! Hell yeah!

1.11 - Surfacing

+ Again/Still Devon is on to something... Summoning Amanda's ghost! - And it drives into Sarah!
+ Aw, Dylan and Claire's 50th anniversary ♥ And he wants to renew their bond. ♥
+ Uuh, they want to tell Emily they're vampires! And well, she takes it quite well and asks questions like how old they are. Kinda adorable! *g*
Dylan: "In fact, I used to walk the streets of London before there were cars."
+ Salt! Nick salts the doors!!! :D
+ Huuh, Nick tells Sarah all about The Gates

1.12 - Bad Moon Rising

+ Brett can't handle Charlie and Andy being together - "What's the point of having teeth if you never use them?" O_O

1.13 - Moving Day

+ Lee's secret! The box! Guess I was right about her literally having her heart ripped out... O_O
+ Andy almost kills Charlie - and of course only Devon can help... :-\ SHE TOTALLY ZOMBIFIES HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

Nooooo!!!!!!! It can't end like this!!!! I demand a season 2!!!!

And again, a good show that ended way too early - AND WITH AN OPEN END!!! HAAATE!!! O_O

Also good news - Lost Girl gets a season 2!!

Bad news - Rubicon doesn't. I haven't caught up on that yet, though, but it looked promising, so far.

Jesus, now I'm exhausted! :P


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Nov. 14th, 2010 05:24 pm (UTC)
And I thought I watch a lot. *g*
Nov. 14th, 2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
That's just the tip of the iceberg. :P
Nov. 14th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
I said I could watch Sam's mouth say Kink thing... all day and night.. unf!! that mouth shouldn't be saying such provocative things cause it makes on quiver. lol

Soulless Sam FTW!!! but I still want my old Sammy Back but with a bit if the backbone attitude Soulless has.

Dean with a rifle makes me sweat...in a good way..
Nov. 14th, 2010 06:54 pm (UTC)
Seriously!! My god that's hot hot hot!!!

You know that I'm usually more of a Dean girl, but in that episode... Sammy, where you been all those years! :P

I so need to upload an icon with Dean and the rifle later on. Guh!
Nov. 14th, 2010 07:14 pm (UTC)
holy gods that's a lot of shows!

the only ones I've watch of all those is TVD and SPN. I'm SQUEE-ing so hard over TVD. To bad there are 2 weeks of reruns. I'm interested in what they are going to do with SPN, im not squee-ing as hard as previously, but I still love my boys!
Nov. 14th, 2010 07:16 pm (UTC)
That's just the tip of the iceberg. LOL I know I have a problem. :P

I'm surprised but I have to say I'm really starting to like Katherine!
But what? 2 weeks of reruns?! No way! o.O
Nov. 14th, 2010 09:47 pm (UTC)
Ok, THAT's what I call a HOT start of an episode! :P
IKR??? I died a little. Or more than just a little. Heh! So glad it's got a second season! :D

+ Who's writing this? Dean says "I've seen/done this/that in my time..." quite often lately.
HAH!! I noticed that, too. *gg* The last, IDK, two or three episodes he's saying it all the time.

Nov. 14th, 2010 10:44 pm (UTC)
Very hot! ;)

I think Dean said that like twice within 10 minutes in last week's episode. It weird when you start to notice such things. Then, they should probably change something...
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