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Neverending Summer

I uploaded some pretty new icons. *g* Also some Christmas/seasonal ones and I was looking for a Sam/reindeer one I'm sure I have somewhere. Would be helpful if I remembered where I saved it and how I named it, as it's not in the Supernatural folder. Usually, I'm very organized on Meddi (my laptop).

Yesterday, at the mall, there was a guy... and my jaw dropped - literally - because I swear he looked like Ashton Holmes! But then a customer came to me and I couldn't stare much longer. Gah!
I have to say I was a bit sad when I realized that I'd do some things for the last time, like selling a gift certificate, or making an announcement over the speakers, which was first scary but actually fun. hehe A. gave me chocolate again. Which is... gone already? :P It was yummy, so don't judge.
Back in my nightshift later. I'm catching up on Leverage season 3 at the moment. Maybe I'll even finish it tonight. We'll see. And then, I'll watch Legend of the Seeker. Already uploaded icons. *g* And then, I'll have a couple more shows on my to-check-out list, like Army Wives, Life Unexpected, Sanctuary, Misfits, Mad Men, The Wire, Justified, and I want to catch up on The Good Wife, as I missed some episodes when it was on tv here. Oh, and Terriers of course, which I download weekly, but I haven't watched it yet. Sounds much, no? :P

Received a 10 Euro voucher from Amazon, yay! Let's see what I'll get this time... hehe Oh speaking of, I got a package yesterday, containing a Merlin calendar 2011! :D It's so very pretty and it has Bradley in February - my birth month!

They say it's supposed to snow this week - and I'm soooo looking forward to it! No really! I LOVE snow and winter! But still right now, it kinda feels rather warm, than cold enough for snow. Well, I'll see.

Oh, edit: I remembered to tag it, but forgot to write about it. Yeah... Well, I think I'm giving up on Boardwalk Empire for now. Haven't watched last week's episode because I didn't find a working link - and I have to say I didn't really miss it. :-\ Also thought about quitting Hawaii 5-0, but for now I'm sticking with it.

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