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I might be slightly addicted to this song "Come Sail Away" by Styx. And whose fault is it - fandom's! Bad Generation Kill, bad! Why do you put all those great songs into my head! I love you! <3
...Damn you Youtube! I had to watch this now! *g* Well, do I even have to mention that "Tainted Love" still is my favorite? *g*

This never gets old, does it?

Want to be shocked? I haven't watched neither Supernatural, nor The Vampire Diaries yet! O_O But I got spoiled for Supernatural, that's something, right? Tonight! Tonight I'll watch both!!

I haven't mentioned it lately, have I? Supernatural fandom is the most powerful force out there!!! The boys are on the cover of TV Guide, but I'm sure you know by now. What's totally GUH and made me stop breathing for a few seconds were animations that someone made!

Holy freakin' Moses! *thuds*

I'll be over here now, drooling and staring and fangirling. Dear god, I love these boys!!! ♥

Banners by ditta_spn 

Omg! Season finale!!!!

+ "You cannot begin to know how much I hate you." Poor Uther. :( Damn you Morgana.
+ I gotta say it's super dooper hot how Arthur is sitting there, crushed. :P
+ "It's rat." Oh, Merlin! *g*
+ "Your majesty." o.O Gwen's playing along...
+ Freya!
+ Ooooh! Excalibur can kill the immortal!! Am I fangirling a sword? o.O
+ "I need you to take me." - "I am not a horse, Merlin." LOL
+ "You must promise me, Merlin, once its task is done, you will place it where none can wield it." - IN THE STONE????!!! *eek*
+ Sir Leon in a dress!! *g* Omg!
+ Hm, half naked Sir Leon, even better! :P
+ LANCELOT! And the other hottie! :P
+ The roundtable!!!!! Put it on my fangirling list, too. :P
+ "I'm gonna do something my father wouldn't approve of." OMG! ..."Arise, Sir Lancelot, knight of Camelot." *eek* I'm fangirling so hard at this point!!!
+ ♥ ♥ ♥ Arthur/Gwen! "They'll see." - "I don't care." ♥ ♥ ♥
And damn, that was a beautiful kiss! And Arthur in his armor, guh! What I'd give... *sighs*)
+ ... and now I'm fangirling about Arthur's fighting! - That was what I watched them train and prepare for in the court yard! *g*
+ Morgana's gone... Who cares? :P
+ Soooo, Arthur/Gwen is no secret anymore, with them kissing in the yard...
+ JESUS!!! THE SWORD IN THE STONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Percival - Tom Hopper - Hottie has a name! *g*

"I'm gonna lend you my hand, so you can jerk yourself up." - Tig. Omg! LOL

They're all wearing bullet proof vests... I have a bad feeling about this...

Oh that bitch! Her smirks! ARGH! I would like to hit her so hard right now!!!

Ooh, is Wayne gonna kill Jimmy? O_O ...No, the others take him, and Chibs... O_O

O_O OPIE KILLS STAHL!!!! O_O Thinking of Donna... For a sec I thought he wouldn't do it...

WHAT? Tara's reading John's letters! ..."I know my days are numbered, Mau. And when these letters stop, you can be certain that my death will come through the hands of my wife and best friend." O_O

Awesome season finale! Awesome show!

These were great season finales for both shows, I thought!!! Is it getting a little quieter now, with two less to watch? Uhm... I don't think so. :P


Dec. 7th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
I still have yet to watch Generation Kill, but I want to see it. Hopefully one day! lol!

I wonder how you're going to react to Supernatural. :3

Merlin was awesome, wasn't it? I fangirled so much! lol! I can't wait for the next season! :D
Dec. 8th, 2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
Omg you have to!!! It's too awesome for words!!!

Omg #2 - Supernatural was GREAT!!! :D

And last but not least OMG #3 - MERLIN! That was so, so awesome! Can't wait for season 4 and getting back to France myself and everything! :D

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