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A dream is a wish the heart makes

Watching "P.S. I love you". I'm almost crying already. I love it when she sings "I love you til the end". :( But hell yeah, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and James Marsters. :D

I'm almost through with Buffy season 1. It's so great! :D And again, I felt how great it is to just sit here and watch dvds, like I used to do every Sunday. I really should start this again.

Work again tonight. *sighs* Has there even been a weekend? o.O And I am so, so tired! I don't seem to really wake up completely. Slept another two hours this afternoon and mhhh, had nice dreams involving Bradley James and Rob Pattinson. Not bad at all. :P

Have I mentioned how much I don't want to go to work?

Last episode of the year, right? Aah! I can't take it! It's too exciting!

+ Mh, I was really hoping for some Stefan/Katherine action, but then it was just a dream...
+ Tyler prepares for his first transformation, all chained up. I felt so bad for him!
+ Elijah doesn't want the curse to be broken! That's surprising.
+ "You have been marked." Oh, watch out Damon!
+ Tyler breaks free of the chains! o.O
+ Omg! Jules attacks Rose - and she heals!! o.O
+ Lucca betrayed Bonnie. - Huh, somehow I'm not surprised.
+ Elijah gets Stefan out!
+ Tyler/Caroline <3 is dangerous for the love I have for Matt/Caroline. [btw, I think I got spoiled for the next episode! Grr!]
+ Ouch... the bite is affecting Rose after all!

Ashton in a suit *purrs*

Thom kills the target - and I cheered. o.O What kind of person have I become? My shows make me bad. :P

How cool was the fight Nikita against everyone else!!

Noooooooo!!!! :( Alex shoots my Thom and blames everything on him!!!! :( And there goes my reason to watch the show...?

+ Letter to Ben... What are we doing there Dean? Reminds me already of "Flatliners"...
+ Ooh, Death, ooooh, Death! *g*
+ Dean wants Sam and Adam back but Death makes him choose. - Sam! O_O I want Adam. :P
+ The price - I almost thought he's say Dean's soul - again - but he wants Dean to be Death for 1 day! o.O
+ Sam summons Balthazar - The plot thickens indeed - he wants a spell to keep his soul out! O_O He needs his father's blood - and chooses Bobby! O_O
+ If Death looks like this, I want to die twice! :P
+ LOL at Dean asking where the pizza is from!
+ Man: Can you tell me what it all means?
Dean: Everything is dust in the wind.
Man: That's it? A Kansas song?
Tessa: Sorry, he's new.
+ Can't believe Sam was about to hit Bobby with the wrench! And then Bobby takes a shotgun! O_O
+ "Don't say 'Here's Johnny!'" - LOL My thought exactly!
+ They all ask why?... :-\
+ And he still has to kill the girl! Poor Dean. :(
+ Dean takes the ring off...
+ Sam really was going to kill Bobby!! Soul or not, that's just not... Sammy!! O_O
+ Death goes to Hell to get Sam's soul back! And what's with being so cryptic much?!
"It's about the souls. You'll understand when you need to."

Noooo! And wow, so long until it returns! Noooo!

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