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I am not here

Just rushing through. My god, where does the time go???

Thank you luinalda and traumlogik for your cards!! <33

The main present for deviltrap still hasn't arrived yet! *bitesnails* Now it's almost too late that I can send it before Christmas. I'll give it one more day and then I'll send what I have so far. But sorry, sweetie, next year, I'll order in September or October, might be best... :P

I still have four days of holidays left for this year and I asked my boss if I can still take them next year, or if they'll expire. She said I can still take them next year, too - or - she mentioned that if I wanted, I could take them next week! First, I said, no and that I'll keep them for next year. But then I did a little math on how many days I really need for my cons and vacations and it should be enough, so... Now, I'm thinking of taking them next week. Hell, why am I even still thinking about it?? o.O It would mean six days off, as I'd have Friday and Saturday off anyway!! But you know what kind of really made me decide now that I'll take them next week? - The stories for yagkyas are going live from now on and so, I'll have a lot to read. Uhm, someone tell me it's normal to choose controlled by fics!? LOL But to be honest, it really wouldn't hurt to have some days off. I worked many hours since mid September and I have some things to catch up with. So... hell yes, I'm taking next week off! \o/

I watched Leverage and more Legend of the Seeker last night and I have some notes about it, but more tomorrow. No time now. Need to get ready and, guess - go to work! ;)


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Dec. 21st, 2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
Gerne doch. Freut mich, dass sie angekommen ist. :-)

Dann auch an dieser Stelle nochmal ein Dankeschön an dich! Habe deine Karte heute auch bekommen. :-)

Und das mit dem Urlaub klingt doch mal nach ner guten Idee. :D
Dec. 22nd, 2010 03:56 pm (UTC)
Schön, dass sie ankam! :D

Oh ja, Uuuurlaaauub!!! :P
Dec. 21st, 2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
Wow, that was fast. And here the woman at the post office specifically told me that it could take a while because Germany can't fucking deal with the snowpocalypse etc.pp.

Anyway, you're welcome! :D <3
Dec. 22nd, 2010 03:57 pm (UTC)
Snowpocalypse! I like that! LOL
Dec. 22nd, 2010 10:16 am (UTC)
Oh nein, dieses lange warten auf ein geschenk, ich denke.... ich werds überleben ;) das macht es umso spannender :D
Ich erinnere dich dann einfach mal nächstes Jahr, so nach der Ring Con dran, das du anfangen musst zu bestellen , hihi
Dec. 22nd, 2010 04:02 pm (UTC)
Wär vielleicht nicht schlecht. :P

Btw, kam immer noch nicht an, aber ich hab den kleineren Teil heute losgeschickt. ;)
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