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Let's go steal a country

No Christmas cards in the mail today. :( Still no sign of deviltrap's present. :( Come on, UPS, I still trust you a bit!

Killed my alarm clock yesterday. I just wanted to change batteries but then it was... dead. I have no idea. Well, will get a new one tomorrow then when I'm shopping with K.

Haven't I squeed about the fact that one of my latest True Blood drabbles won first place at trueblood100 the other day? No?! Then here we go - SQUEEEEE!!! :D First time I won first place there.

And speaking of fic - another first - I wrote a little something for cordeliadelayne!! It's Supernatural // Castiel, Balthazar // PG-13, Gen and you can find it HERE! Hope you like! :) And Merry Christmas! <3

And there's even more where this came from. I wrote two more fics for two people on my flist. Still have to edit here and there, but they'll be posted soon. I couldn't do something for all of you, but there's always a next Christmas, right? ;) You know I ♥ you all!

3.15 - The Big Bang Job

Eliot knows Moreau! Huh...! And wow, him using a gun later on was new - but HOT! :P AND HOW HOT IT WAS!!! HIM SLIDING THROUGH THE WATER ON HIS KNEES, KILLING ALL THE MEN! HOLY MOSES!! This calls for pictures!!!

And jeez, when Eliot took his shirt off in the end...egha... I can only describe the sound that came from me like this. :P


3.16 - The San Lorenzo Job

"Let's go steal a country." haha


1.13 - Revenant

Richard reads about the last Seeker - who was also a hottie! I like their choice of Seekers! hehe

Richard and Kahlan really getting it on huh?! Possessed, ok, but they are. ;)

1.14 - Hartland

Richard's brother Michael dies. :(
"When I see our father in the underworld, I'll tell him my brother was a great hero."

1.15 - Conversion

Rahl's trying to create a Confessor! Omg! Because he wants the power!

Uuh, Richard and Rahl face to face for the first time!

Rahl: This is quite an honor. It's not every day that I get to meet the Seeker.
Richard: It's not every day I get to fulfill the prophecy.

Uuh, Rahl's face at that!!

Woah! O_O Kahlan flips when pinned with the huge needles [hell, I would too! O_O] and then the wizard says, "The blood rage! Run, my Lord!" Woah!

When only one vial was left, with the magic that allows to touch a Confessor, I really thought Richard would take it, and not give it to Chase. I guess I would've been that selfish. :P

Blood rage - only possessed by the most powerful Confessors. Uuh!

Beautiful last scene with Kahlan and Richard in the field, hugging close. *sighs*

Great episode!!

1.16 - Bloodline

WHAT??? Richard's mother???!!! Zedd's daughter!!! O_O

Omg! Richard and his sister! get the other two boxes from Rahl and Richard PUTS THEM TOGETHER AND HAS ITS POWER!!! O_O And Richard makes, no commands Kahlan to kill Denna! My goodness! The power overwhelmes him!!! Just wow! So cool!


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Dec. 22nd, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC)
WOW pictures! Hot!!!! I did send you a card, quite awhile ago! Hope you got it.
Dec. 23rd, 2010 07:27 pm (UTC)
When did you send it? Didn't get a card where I didn't know the addresser, so far.
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