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So, work was over more quickly than I expected. Bosses were home before 11 pm already and I could go. Yay! And now it's the holidays! Double yay!!

Spent those (not even) six hours with reading (I started Nora Roberts' third book in her Ireland trilogy. And btw, damn that woman for making me cry all the time!) and watched (almost) two movies. (Finished The Social Netword at home then.)

Spoilers behind the cut? If you want to call it that, they're only minor. ;)

I heard very good and bad things about it, but I wanted to see for myself. And I have to say I liked it. I like Jesse Eisenberg and omg, even Justin Timberlake was good! And hello Andrew Garfield! What a cutie! :P

The first thing that made me giggle was when Mark Zuckerberg logged into Livejournal.com in the beginning. *g*

And what had it all started? - A girl. What a cliche. ;)

I think I want a facebook now, too.

In the beginning - holy shit that spider!!! Just imagine! And how it even tried to open windows! JFC! Well, thank you very much! o.O

The movie was good, I thought, but I have to say I enjoyed Percy Jackson more, if I compared them. But Cirque du Freak was funny and interesting. I have to say I'd watch more if other books of that series were made into a movie, as well.

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