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I've said how much I like Justified, right? *g* I wanted to check it out for quite a while and now I'm almost done with catching up on season 1. New episodes will start on February 9th - perfect birthday gift for me. haha Pics and gifs behind the cut, so beware. (It's all Jacob Pitts' fault! I have it mad for his character on the show! :P)

Everytime I saw pics and gifs and stuff, I really thought that it takes place in the 1800's or something. :P It is irritating, with Raylan and his hat, right? ;) haha But that's what makes this guy so special, his attitude with "Shoot first, ask questions later" - I love it! *g*

"You do know that we aren't allowed to shoot people on sight anymore, not for 100 years." *g*

And when you think that Timothy Olyphant is very easy on the eyes - you're so right!! But I gotta say, after a few episodes, I fell for Jacob Pitts, who plays Tim Gutterson. <33

Tim: All the wits say the same; two white males drove up in a dark SUV. They parked at that corner by the curb. One male got out with what looked like a bazooka, said a few words and then fired at the church.
Raylan: What did he say?
Tim: One said it was "Liars and hoes", another heard "Time to go". My favorite's "Hei-di-hei-di-hei-di-ho".


And Raylan is such a BAMF! A gun is pointed at him but he still threatens to kill the other guy!

"If I was you, I'd give up that Nazi bullshit. Go back to poaching gators, it's safer." Omg! :P

And oh the guh! Tim with the rifle is super hooot!!! *drools*

"Do you want me to kill him?" Like he's 100% sure that he's hitting. And that just gives me the hots for him!!! :P

Btw, that bridge in the first episode definitely is the bridge from the Supernatural pilot episode. ;)

Episode 5 - Oh, look Karina Logue. And in episode 2, there was another guy who was on Terriers, as well. Like a reunion. ;)

Question: It's Harlan County where they all are, right? It kind of irritates me when Raylan keeps talking about going back to Lexington, and then I thought they had their police department there, and Harlan is just a town nearby, where he's from. But then there was a sign with "Harlan County Police Department". N/Y?

Episode 6 - Probably the best scene in that episode... :P

May I say guh?!

Episode 8 - Blowback

He really needed the chicken! LOL It's good being a US Marshal. ;)

*sniffles* Terriers. One season. 13 episodes. Only. Why? :(

Very woah, when Kate slept with her professor! And then Hank even told her not to tell Britt! Of course, all hell breaks lose when he found out! :-\ She accused him of not being ready for marriage and a baby and everything. BUT HELL - HE WANTED IT!!! And then SHE messed up! And then he breaks up with her.

"I always loved you... but I never want to see you again." O_O

But cute before, when he found out that she's pregnant and he proposed to her - on his knee!!! ♥

Episode 11 - Flashbacks! \o/ I love flashbacks!

And in the end, all this... Jason dead, threatening and killing other people and everything, just because they wanted to relocate the airport... ?!

"Adios, amigos. Enjoy prison." *g* Mark's cool.

But the ending, noooo, it can't end like this!!! I mean, yeah, it's a good ending, but I WANT MOOOORE!!! Such a great show! I didn't think this first, because I didn't know it, but it's really, really good! *thumbs up*

What do you think? Did Hank and Britt go straight and Britt goes to prison, or did they go left to Mexico...? ;)

I would like to think that Britt did the right thing and went to prison, also because he wants to be with Katie and the child, even if it isn't his. That's way too cute! <3

So, all in all - Terriers is a great show that ended way too soon!


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Dec. 31st, 2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
Been a justified fan since day one.. Pimped the hell out of it on my Lj first season but no one bit.... Now everyone is watching and I have to say it....... I was a fan first.

Timothy Olyphant is such a hottie.. OMG that Gif with him half naked.. UNF!!!!!

Okay done now... Second season comes around this spring.. can't wait.
Dec. 31st, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I remember that you wrote about it in your journal (that's where I also saw the shirtless gif btw and yes, it is unf!), but as I wasn't watching it... ;) Do you have a Justified tag? I might check your old entries out. *g*

I read that the second season starts on February 9th - my b-day! Yay! haha
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