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My year in lists

One more thing before I'm really off for 2010. In maybe half an hour, we'll have sausages and rolls, as every year shortly before midnight. My grandfather used to say, if we do this, we'd have money in the house in the new year. ;) No idea if that really works, I don't really notice, but it's a nice little tradition. :)

So, you know that I had lists for all kinds of stuff this year, like tv episodes, movies and books. Here are the stats:

+ TV episodes watched in total - 886 [I actually thought I'd break through the 1,000. But still... How do I manage something like a "life" besides that? o.O]

+ TV episodes rewatches in total - 106

+ New movies that I saw this year - 81

+ Movie rewatches - 33

Find the complete list HERE

+ Books I've read in 2010 - 56 [That's actually the most I've ever read in one year! So yay me! :D]

Find the complete list HERE

+ I've written 102 fics and drabbles!!! Holy shit! And I currently have five WIPs. Ha! :D I really started again with writing fan fiction and I love it!!! You can find all my writing at spirit_junction 

I guess you can say I've been quite productive this year! :D Great! But I gotta say, it was a bit exhausting keeping all those lists, especially the one for tv episodes. So I don't think I'll repeat this next year, but I'll keep the booklist as every year since... 2006 I believe. :)

Now, this was really the last entry in 2010. Kinda sad, isn't it? I feel a bit sad having to let this year go, which is completely nuts, as it'll just go on tomorrow and the day after as it has for... forever.

See you on the other side of the champagne glass! ;)


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Jan. 2nd, 2011 02:06 am (UTC)
Woo! Very impressive things in your lists there. Well done on the reading!
Jan. 2nd, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
I'll try at go for 60+ this year. ;) My to-read pile is huge! And there are like 150 books on my Amazon wishlist. So, I don't see a problem of running out of books anytime soon. :P
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